Chicken Scoop: Why Is Chicken A Dieters Best Friend?

by : News Canada

Let's Ask the Experts

(NC)-Did you know a skinless chicken breast contains less than 1.5 grams of fat per 100 gram serving? Offering expert advice just in time for bathing suit season, Bryan Hughes, New Product Development Manager at Maple Lodge Farms raves over the nutritious merits of chicken.

"One of the leanest meats on grocery store shelves, chicken is an excellent source of protein that offers an energizing boost without the fat," says Hughes. "And by removing the skin from a chicken breast, you can reduce its fat content by an additional 80 per cent!"

But cooks often make the mistake of adding fat when preparing chicken, he adds. Oils, sauces and dressings account for 65 per cent of our daily fat intake and can quickly transform low-fat chicken into a high-fat meal. It's important to use each in moderation.

"Lighter fare is key to sensible summer eating," says Hughes. "Premium Oven Roasted and Seasoned Chicken Breasts from Maple Lodge Farms are two ideal options available at your neighbourhood Sobey's, IGA and Knechtel's food markets."