10 Warning Signs Your Stress Levels Are Too High

by : jayzn

The big question many people ask is, "How do I know if I am stressed?"

With the high level of stress in our society, we find ourselves becoming almost numb to stress and many people don't realize just how stressed they are.
Read through the following ten points and see how many you can identify with as being in your life.

Warning Sign 1 : Sudden Anger

Do you find yourself suddenly getting angry and lashing out at the people around you, such as your family, friends and work colleagues? The anger may appear very suddenly with no apparent cause.

Warning Sign 2 : Feeling Overwhelmed

How much time every day do you feeling overwhelmed with the little things in life? Are you feeling that your usual routines are just too much for you and that you want to get away from it all?

Warning Sign 3 : Constant Worry

Are you finding that you are anxious or worried for the majority of the day?

Warning Sign 4 : Depression

Are you suffering from depression and a lack of motivation, where you can't get any pleasure in what you used to enjoy so much? You find that life just doesn't excite you like it used to.

Warning Sign 5 : Exhaustion

Do you get very tired and then find that you have trouble sleeping because you are worrying about things? Are you having trouble staying awake in the evenings after you get home from work?

Warning Sign 6 : Constant Colds

Every single cold or flu bug that comes around you get. Not only do you get them, but you just can't seem to shift them as quickly as you used to. You're starting to feel like you are constantly ill.

Warning Sign 7 : Lack of Concentration

You are finding it harder and harder to concentrate - your memory seems to be going and you are frequently starting to do something and then forgetting what it was you were doing.

Warning Sign 8 : Mood Swings

Your mood changes from happy to sad to angry to tears all at the drop of a hat with no apparent cause.

Warning Sign 9 : Letting Yourself Go

You no longer care as much about your appearance or your environment as you once did. Your paperwork is piling up, post goes unopened and you even go out without brushing your hair or ironing your clothes.

Warning Sign 10 : Lack of Time

You fondly remember the days where you had lots of time to do all the things you wanted to do. Nowadays though, it's as if someone has removed twelve hours from the day and you struggle to keep up.

How many of these warning signs were you able to identify with?

Less than 3 ... sounds like you're living a chilled out life

3 - 5 ... keep on an on your stress levels and make sure they don't increase any further

More than 5 ... take time out and learn how to reduce and manage your stress before it becomes too serious a problem.