Slushies Made Easy As 1,2,3

by : News Canada

(NC)-Amusement parks, arenas, convenience stores & slushies. For only pennies, doesn't a fresh nutritious slushie that could be made at home with your family make better "cents"? Hamilton Beach has introduced a Snowman™ Ice Shaver that makes soft fluffy snow shavings for fun drinks, and desserts that kids can help make. With the Ice Shaver's numerous safety features, children can help Mom use this electrical appliance to make an assortment of tasty, nutritious treats.

Whether your family craves a slushie, milkshake, granita, sorbet, snow cone or frozen yogurt, the Snowman™ Ice Shaver will put big smiles on children's faces. Frozen treats are inexpensive, as well as quick and safe to make. Simply place ice cubes or ice rounds into the Ice Shaver, press button to start the shaving process, and voila, soft mounds of snow in seconds. Scoop snow into paper cones, cups, or bowls, and pour favourite colourful flavouring over snow. Whether you sip, slurp, or lick your creation, enjoyment will abound. Since there are no ice chunks, flavourings do not quickly flow to the bottom of the container.

Snow treats are cool for all seasons & occasions…especially birthday parties. Not only are snow treats enjoyable because they're fun & quick to make, they can also be a very nutritious treat! While traditional flavourings such as sodas and syrups may be high in sugar, snow treats can also be made with vitamin packed unsweetened fruit juices, frozen fruit, and yogurt, for healthier versions. Hamilton Beach Snowman™ Ice Shaver comes with a tasty recipe booklet for numerous recipe ideas.

The Ice Shaver will be available early June at leading retail outlets across Canada. The suggested retail price is approximately $39.99. For more information regarding the Snowman™ Ice Shaver, please visit