How Imagination Freed A Boy From Bullying

by : srana25

In your own life, you can similarly choose to be nurtured by identifying with someone who has succeeded. By relating to someone, whether through reading about them or actually associating with them, you can stop relating to your own ingrained negative attitudes.

While your bullies may not be physical, like Ben's, but more subtle, like fear and self-doubt, by assuming an image that inspires you, by pretending to be someone bigger and stronger, someone more capable, you can overcome your own particular demons.

Assume an image of power and act out your fantasy. When it is acted out in the real world, it assumes a life-force of its own which will pull you into a positive future. Your whole personality will be transformed by the experience of changing a wish into an event.

The Bottom Line

The only way past fear is through it. Fear is a wall that holds you back. It stymies your personal power. Fear is a source of torment, a bully who will beat you down until you face it and fight back.