The Advantage Of The Law Of Attraction

by : moniarora

What is the Law of Attraction? It is a basic principle of life; a powerful force that can be described in these situations:

- You enter a bar and a couple of strangers start looking at you. You can be described as a human magnet! It can also be described in a common statement - "birds of the same feather flock together".

- You like this person and want to go out with him/her. Look and behold, the person sends you a note asking "Can we have dinner tonight?" As it is, he/she likes you and you like him/her.

- Whatever you earn, like money, earns interest and you get to make other investments which make you richer. Another common statement? What you sow is what you reap.

- You are thinking of landing in a managerial position. After a couple of weeks later, the press announces your recent promotion! You got the promotion you dreamed about.

The situations above are just few of the numerous scenarios describing the law of attraction. The Law of Attraction is very easy and fun to learn because you are deliberately gaining what you really desire. The law is in force in our lives right this moment and whether we're aware or not, we are actually attracting jobs, people and positive situations into our lives. How can you take advantage of these positive situations then?

1.Let it in. Positive situations like these only come once or twice in your life. It is very rare for all your desires be brought to life so why ruin it? Be happy and accept all the blessings pouring into your hands. Let it in. Grab the opportunity. Do not be afraid of success. A good job in a respectable company coupled with benefits to travel abroad? No holds barred, do not inflict any negative thoughts on anything right now! Grab it!

2.Be direct and clear on what you really desire. If you want to live in a mansion then be it! Your goals are endless and you are the one who are designing it. Limiting your ambitions can recreate a limited positive realization.

3.Imagine and visualize that you are now just a few steps toward your goals. Another positive action is necessary here. Do not hamper your quest to achieve your goals; time will come that all positive vibrations will be present and be prepared about it!

4.Be inspired on what you do! Whether you have gained an unwanted result of a current job relocation assignment, you should be inspired about it and take the lead. Be on the move towards promotion!

5.Be responsible of the actions you will make. If you want to enter in a relationship then take part and get it going. The law of attraction is present here and you should responsibly act in any circumstances.

6.Move forward. You were given this opportunity so move fast and move forward. For example, don't be left hanging when all your friends are going abroad and taking advantage of the opportunity to study for free if you have the same chance. If you want it, move!

7.Leave your comfort zone and develop your potential. You have hidden skills waiting to be unveiled so stretch beyond and feel capable. Get into the game, learn new skills and pursue your goals!

You cannot fight the law of attraction; you have to let it be and let it in. You have to deal with it and use it to your own advantage. So dream big and achieve! Welcome every challenge and neglect the fears and failures that you may encounter. You might not get what you want but in the end, you might observe that what you gained is far better than what you wanted.