Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss

by : dbergen

Self hypnosis for weight loss is a little misleading. You cannot engage in self hypnosis for weight loss and just lose weight. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. You can, however, suppress your out of control appetite to cause yourself to actually eat less. When you eat less, you consume less calories and you'll be that much closer to meeting your goal. Self hypnosis for weight loss can also assist you in becoming motivated to work out. By eating less and getting more exercise, you'll see that the weight just comes off. You didn't have to use drugs or fancy workout equipment. You simply relaxed and used the power of your mind to get more in control of your life so that you could create a new, thinner you.

Find A Quiet Space

To begin self hypnosis for weight loss, you must find a quiet space in which to practice. This place can be a room where you close the door, it could be outside in your back yard or it could even be in the bathroom. Once you have your quiet place, make sure that you won't be distracted. Turn off your phone and let anyone in your house that you aren't to be disturbed for a little while. If you wish, give them a time limit. This will ensure that you will have complete peace and quiet in order to engage in self hypnosis for weight loss.

Once you have your quiet place and you have made sure that you won't be disturbed, you must now make that space as comfortable as possible. This can be done by using blankets and a pillow to create a comfortable space with which to lie down. If you want, play peaceful music if you think it will help you relax. Turn the lights down a little if you want, a dimmer switch works great for self hypnosis, and work on slowing your breathing.

Engaging in self hypnosis for weight loss involves picturing a new, thinner you. Picture how you want to look and imagine how you want to feel. The idea is to stick that image in your mind and to use it as ammunition against any urges that force you to raid the refrigerator. Repeat over and over that you will not eat when you are not hungry. You will eat to live but will not live to eat. Your mind is very powerful and whatever you tell it is what it will do. But you have to relax and you have to really believe it.

As with anything, as you continue you practice, you'll see how easy it is for you to get up, get out and exercise. You'll also be eating less and you'll see that the weight just melts off. You'll soon need to buy a new wardrobe. Just think of how many clothes you'll be able to buy with all you saved on not having to buy diet products, machines and empty promises. You did it all with your mind and you did it all with self hypnosis for weight loss.