Growing Flowering Cherry Trees

by : leedobbins

The flowering cherry tree is a very popular landscape tree. When they are in full bloom, they will surely provide the best aesthetics in any garden.

They can make any yard bloom with the wonderful colors of spring. Cherry trees can have red, black or gray bars.

This can go well with the flowers in white and various shades of pink. The Flowering Almond cherry tree can even have mixed colors on its own.

Cherry Trees

This is classified in the family of Rosaceae, in genus Prunus. The subgenus Cerasus has a distinguishing characteristic with its flowers clumped together.

The word cherry traces its roots from the Latin terms cerasum and Cerasus. This is the old name of the city of Giresun in Turkey.

Aside from the fruit, cherries are also popular for their flowering trees. Flowering cherry trees are small but hardy trees. They are very popular to people who love flowers.

They are even more popular because they signify the onset of the spring season. Before the leaves are able to bloom, these cherry trees will be able to produce considerable amount of flowers in white or pink. These events mark that spring is about to come.

These flowers are very attractive. In most Asian countries, flowering cherry trees are planted for main or actually the sole purpose of display. There are even cultivators in Japan who would have the cherries sterile to not bear fruit.

Aside from the aesthetic value of the cherry trees, they also have health benefits. The cherries contain anthocyanins that can help in the reduction of pain and inflammation.

There is also a high amount of melatonin in cherries that make cherries good anti-oxidant.

Species of Cherry Trees

Considering that flowering cherry trees seem to be a wonderful addition to the garden then it will be very helpful to know the various species of cherry trees that will suit your needs.

There are the more popular types like the Flowering Almond and Flowering Apricot. These types of cherry trees will be able to produce plenty of flowers.

Chanticleer, Cleveland Select Flowering Pears and Bradford are your choice of cherry trees if you are aiming for a good landscape in your garden or yard.

The Thundercloud Flowering Plum is a perfect choice for those who want to plant cherry trees but do not have the luxury of choice when it comes to land area. You can enjoy the pink flowers during spring in your patio.

Some cherry trees can also be planted for their edible characteristic like the Black Cherry. The white flowers of this cherry tree turn to red tart and they grow fast.

How to Grow Flowering Cherry Trees

Growing a cherry tree will entail certain considerations. Some of these will require responsibilities on the part of the owner. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

1. To plant a flowering cherry tree in your garden, it is necessary to keep each young seedling at least 10 feet apart from each other. Thus, this also means that your yard must be large enough to give way for the growth of the cherry trees.

2. Generally, cherry trees are found in areas with good moisture. They can also grow in the drier areas, but they have to get as much water as needed to proliferate.

3. Make sure that good soil is provided. It is best to grow the flowering cherry trees in fertile soil that is well-drained but retaining sufficient moisture.

Generally, ordinary soils are fine, but providing lots of water and adding fertilizer will help advance the growth of the cherry trees.

Some soils may be rocky or sandy. If this cannot be helped, make sure that there are enough compost materials to supplement the soil nutrients needed.

4. The cherry tree needs a good balance of exposure to the sunlight and enough shade to maintain a degree of moisture.

5. Cherry tree seedlings are small but they grow fast relatively. In a year or two, these seedlings are sure to bloom.


Growing a flowering cherry tree will surely bring out the best in your yard. It can give the best factor that you are looking for. Furthermore, you get to enjoy a more beautiful spring with the flowering cherry tree in your garden.