Oil Painted Portraits: Give a Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

by : daviddg

Finding the perfect gift for your friend or loved one this holiday season doesn't have to be frustrating. There are many items you can give that your loved one will delight in for a lifetime. One thoughtful gift idea is to have a stunning oil painting produced from one of your loved one's favorite photos.

The photo used to create the painting can be one of a grandparent, child, close family friend, pet, your loved one's home, or even an important event such as a wedding or anniversary. If there's a particular photo your loved one holds dear to their heart, a painting of that photo will be even more meaningful.

Choose an Ideal Photo for a Beautiful Finish

The type of photo you select for your portrait gift will determine the beauty and quality of the painting. You can choose a photo that will complement your loved one's home. You might even use a photo that's already hanging on their wall!

If you're planning to give a wall portrait, make sure the colors and patterns in the photo harmonize with your loved one's room decor where you think they might hang the portrait. Then, your painting can be a natural addition to the room without your loved one having to redecorate or rearrange things. For tabletop portraits, you can also choose a photo that blends well with your loved one's home.

Portrait Size and Quality

The photo should be clear and unblemished if possible, and preferably taken by a professional photographer for best quality. When creating a wall portrait, consider where they might hang the portrait and find out the measurements of that particular wall space. Choose a size that could fit in several different areas of the home so your loved one will be able to hang it where desired.

Oil Portraits Come from the Heart

A beautifully painted portrait on canvas conveys a message to your loved one that you truly care about their happiness and fulfillment this holiday season. They'll be thrilled that you made a special effort to recreate their most valued memory on canvas.

Giving a painted oil portrait is a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday gift. It's a gift that will be treasured for years to come.