Tips To Help You Install New Mini Blinds

by : teahupoo

When installing mini blinds, what kind of a look are you trying to achieve? The good news is that you have a choice in how to install your mini blinds. Would you prefer that the mini blinds be positioned on the inside of the window or be hung on the outside? The benefit to choosing to mount the mini blind inside the window is that a designer look is achieved. On the other hand, if being able to control the amount of light coming into the room is of primary importance, mounting the mini blinds on the outside of the window is a better choice.

To install the mini blind on the inside of the window frame, the first step in the procedure is to determine where the brackets will be positioned across the top of the window. Mark each spot (top, middle, and bottom) along the top of the window and then use a tape measure to determine the distance between each mark. Be sure to make note of the shortest length. Keep in mind that at least 1" of clearance will be required in order to successfully fasten the brackets to the inside casing.

If you would like to mount the mini blind on the outside of the window, the first thing to do would be to measure the width of the window you want to cover. Keep in mind that if you have less than the required 1" of flat space on the inside casing, you will have no choice but to hang your mini blind on the outside of the window frame, no matter what your personal preference might be . Measure your window and be sure to add another 1 1/2" on each side to account for overhang.

How to Hang Your Mini Blind

Choose whether you want to mount the new mini blind inside or outside of the window. Following the instructions set out above, measure the opening you want to cover.

Once you have determined the size of mini blind you require, you are ready to consider what color and style you would like for your home or office. With the variety of choices available from home improvement stores and decorating retailers, this might take a bit of time but it will be well worth it in the end. If a window stop has been installed at the top of the window casing, you will need to remove it before proceeding further.

The package of mini blinds should include a set of brackets. Using a screwdriver, fasten the brackets to the window casing or onto the wall if you are hanging the mini blind outside the window at the top. Two or three screws per bracket are usually used for this purpose.

Once the brackets are in place, pick up the mini blind so that the wand is to the left side and the lift cord is on the right side. The mini blinds should slide into place in the brackets at the top of the window.

Once you have determined that the mini blind is firmly in place, the next step is to place a cap at each end of the brackets. These caps should also have been included in your mini blind package.

If, after installation, you find that your mini blind is too long for your window, it is possible to shorten it. By removing some slats from the bottom of the mini blind, the length of the mini blind can be adjusted as desired.

By following these simple instructions, you will be able to install your new mini blinds quickly and efficiently. Enjoy your new window covering!