Domestic Cleaning Tips

by : Jessica_Brandle

Everyday domestic cleaning can be very hard work which seems to be endless. You run to clean after everyone's mess and sometimes only half an hour after you have finished, it is all the same. This ungrateful job is a duty which we can't run away from, but since we all want to do some more pleasant things instead we can at least try to handle the cleaning in a less time. It doesn't mean that you have to rush and miss important parts of the cleaning. It's just a list of tips that can help you do the boring duties faster no matter if you like cleaning or hate it.

Remember that when you start working, you have to have all the tools and detergents you are about to use and not to run back and front in the room every time you need one of them. This means losing precious time which can be spent in leisure. Your cleaning activities should be from the top of the room to the bottom which is the way the dust falls. Don't make the mistake to start from the vacuuming or the floor, because when you finish there will be dust on them again. It is known that the upper shelves always have less dust than the lower ones, so you have to have this in mind when you're deciding how much time you should spend in cleaning some parts of your furnishings. Stop as soon as the result is achieved and don't waste time for refining.

The most important thing is to clean everything just once and not to come back to it again if it has been already done!

When you start the cleaning make it clockwise and don't rush to clean first the easy things like the usual stuff which are left on the floor. We advise you to choose a corner in the room from which you can begin.

It is important for your everyday cleaning process to know that you save more time and receive the same results if you use this simple rule - don't clean something which is not dirty. Try to remember that and don't lose yourself in washing, vacuuming or polishing something which looks already clean, because the only result you are going to achieve is to waste more time without purpose. Also you have to take more time to the horizontal surfaces than the vertical, because it is known that they collect more dust and germs.

For the vacuuming which is the most important part of the cleaning of a room get used to do one thing at a time. For example, when you put the extension hose to vacuum cleaner first clean all the places that requires it and which are hard to be accessed, before you start cleaning the center of the carpet or the room.

In the name of the easier kitchen cleaning try to build a habit in yourself to put everything at its place as soon as you have finished with using it. The order of the tools you use in your kitchen for cooking or other purposes is the half of the everyday cleaning in it. To make this rule working, of course, it's better to put the most frequently used tools in front or closer and those which are needed rarely - behind them. And if you observe this simple rule everything will be at hand, saving you time for cooking or washing the dishes.

What you have to know about the variety of cleaning products on the market in the moment is that there is no point of buying all the expensive new ones. The same result you can receive by using the old ones you know better or the products your mother has used, since they all give the same efficiency.

Have in mind that if you put the clutter in control in your everyday routine the cleaning will be much easier chore to handle with.