The Apartment Feng Shui

by : Amelia_Turner

Many people confuse and thought Feng Shui for Apartments are different than houses and apartments are normally has bad Feng Shui. Are these true or just a misunderstanding?

Before we dig for the answer, let see what the major differences between landed properties and apartments are. Basically apartments have no land or outside environment to remedy or control. Apartments often have less than ideal entrances and darker as it is coming from the building's interior hallway and very common, the first thing you see when entering an apartment is kitchen.

In fact, the principles of Feng Shui are the same applying for both apartments and houses. But, because the design and structure of apartment that does not have land or outside environment to remedy for health and prosperity, the Feng Shui for apartment is mainly focus with the interiors.

Due to most apartments' kitchen is near to the entrance, many people are misunderstanding that apartments normally has bad Feng Shui than houses. In actual fact, it is not all true. Apartments can have just as good or better Feng Shui than a house, depending on other compensating features. Among the features include:

* What floor is your apartment located in a multi-level building? Feng Shui numerology suggests that you should always pick a floor that matches your personal Trigram; a personal trigram is calculated based on your birth date. The rule of thumb, your apartment should always be as far away as possible from the garage entry gate or the building's trash dumpster.

* The dark entrance can affect your apartment Feng Shui. When you are living in an apartment building, there are two things to consider: The entrance to the building; and the entrance to the individual apartment. Because these types of apartments are all enclosed in one building, the entrance is very important. The rule of thumb, if your apartment has is not bright enough, it is better to install a skylight, it will help to improve the environment in general and remedy Feng Shui in specific.

* If you are living at the middle floor and there is other apartments close to your apartment. These building blocks will block sunshine entering your apartment causing your apartment have dark environment during the day time when you did not turn on the light (which normally people will light off in day time).

This dark environment can be improved with the installation of bright lights just inside and outside the front door and left them on during the dark hours. Good lighting also helps stimulate the general flow of energy and is one of the best accessories for promoting balance and harmony within the home.

* Most of average size apartments have limitation of the space. When arranging dining room furniture, make sure that chairs do not restrict doorways. There should be ample space for people to walk around the table without having to maneuver around chairs or other furniture.


Same Feng Shui principle is applying for both apartments and houses but because of the limitation of building structures and design of apartment, the Feng Shui remedies are slightly different than houses.