Bathroom Taps for Contemporary Bathrooms

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A bathroom never can be regarded as a better bathroom unless until it adapts the contemporary bathroom accessories. Taps are one of the most important bathroom accessories for bathrooms design and often come with huge ranges and superb styles. You can find taps with huge Price ranges from 100 to 1000 pound according to their demand and styles.

Taps can add beauty and new looks to your bathrooms. No doubt the taps are essential for interior décor and finish of the bathroom. Let us learn about different types of taps for bathrooms and kitchens as follows:

Bath mixer taps
Sink taps
Pillar taps

Bath mixer taps:

With such a huge range of taps available in the market, it is vital to have a reflection to the specific requirements. Bath mixer taps are available for both baths and basins, used to mix the hot and cold water supply into one single pipe spout. Some bath mixers include a knob to divert water to a shower head; either mounted telephone style on the mixer itself or hung from a bracket on a wall above the bath.

Mixer taps are suitable for low pressure; if you are looking for a bathrooms design within a limited time then mixer taps are the best choice and also it involve very little plumbing work.

Bath mixer taps are available in different finishes such as: diamond antique gold, rusted, silver and Nickel electroplated, polished and natural and many more. Materials used to manufacture bath mixer taps are cast iron, copper, ceramic, brass and stainless steel.

Sink taps:

Sink taps are sleek and simple in style that can complete the look and feel of a stylish and contemporary bathroom. Available in a range of various styles to costume the modern concept in bathroom décor, sink taps have very natural and strong outlook. These taps are durable and functional while being designed exquisitely with number of colors and finishes to best match the interiors of bathrooms

Sink taps are available in huge selection of colors, finishes and operating methods such as: dual flow models for hot and cold water delivery, tri-flow taps that offer purified waters with a pull-out spray rinse.

Pillar taps:

Pillar taps are the most common type of taps popular in every house and deserve as much consideration as other types of taps, suitable for balanced low or high pressure systems. Pillar taps usually have single outlet tap for either hot or cold, either for washbasins or for baths.

These are available in different choice of slate or wood, lime stone with sophisticated design borders so as to beautify your bathroom.