Cruise Packing Checklist & What to Take on a Cruise

by : meegwell

What to Take on a Cruise

The most important items that you could take on a cruise vacation often is overlooked during the packing process. Tap water on your ship is perfectly safe to drink. Purchasing bottled water is only necessary if you prefer the taste.

What to Take on a Cruise


1) Personal Stationaries & Travel Documents

  • Pack a pad of Post-It notes to leave messages for your cabin steward (you get to know him !), family, and shipboard friends.
  • Have plenty of one-dollar bills handy for tipping airport skycaps and porters at the pier.
  • Put a rubber band around wallets in your back pocket will inhibit pickpockets. Some 'ports of call' have large pick-pocket communities....unfortunately.
  • Travel Documents
    Make two copies of your passport, driver's license, and credit cards before leaving home-in addition to your Cruise Documents, and Trip Travel Insurance. Leave one set of copies in a safe place on your ship. If the ship's purser holds your passport (which is often the case, to expedite clearing the ship in foreign ports), carry the passport copy ashore with you. Leave the other copies with a friend or family member at home.

2) Toiletries

  • Toss a few empty plastic bags into your suitcase. You may need them later to pack dirty or damp clothes.
  • Tap water on your ship is perfectly safe to drink; purchasing bottled water is only necessary if you prefer the taste.
  • Tuck fabric softener sheets between garments as you pack to keep clothing fresh during travels.
  • Bring your own travel alarm clock; most staterooms do not have them.

2) Binoculars
Bring lightweight, small ones. Particularly for Alaska, Hawaii, Europe Cruises!

3) Leave any paperback novels you've finished for the crew library. You'll have more room in your suitcase and crewmembers will have fresh reading material. They will really appreciate this

4) Don't forget to pack and USE your sunscreen. 
The wonderful poolside decks are surely were you will be spending most of your time on your cruise vacation. Being out in the middle of the sea, particularly in the Caribbean waters, can be severely damaging to your skin.

  • Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen and proper clothing to shield you when things get a bit too hot. Items such as these are typically available on board but the selection will be limited and you will pay a premium price!
  • Why take the chance of a nasty sunburn ruining a great cruise vacation? Protect your skin from injury and aging. 

5) Check the Your Onboard Balance regularly
Check the balance of your on-board account before the end of your cruise. Straighten out any discrepancies immediately and avoid a long line at the Purser's Desk that last morning after your final bill arrives. Try to do the final during the last night to avoid the rush

6) Wear T-Shirts that is disposable
Depending on the type of trip, shipPsychology Articles, elegance level etc etc, bring t-shirts you might want to work out in or sleep in or tour in. That you will wear and leave behind as they are dirty. This will give you room in your suitcase for purchases while traveling.

7) Medical items such as aspirin or prescription drugs are a critical part in making sure your cruise vacation is a success. Considering that cruise ships are not always required to have doctors, nurses, and a full line of medication, these items should not be overlooked.

  • Motion Sickness Medicine
    Although the ships are typically very large, you will surely feel the rocking effects of the seas. It may not be the same effect you will get on a small boat or roller coaster for that matter, but you will feel something. It is nothing to worry about too much. Don't count on there being motion sickness medication on board for this is not always available. If you are not experienced with being out at sea, you may want to consider bringing along some seasickness pills.
  • Stomach Related Medicines
    Given that cruises are typically all-inclusive when it comes to food, the buffets will present you with a wide variety of foods from all parts of the world. Keep this in mind when packing also, and don't forget the stomach-related medications!
  • Prescription Medicine
    Of course you should bring any prescription medication you will need to take while on your cruise vacation. What you may not consider is taking the actual prescription itself. Cruise or port officials may ask to see this as proof that the drugs you are traveling with are legitimate. This is not to say that it is illegal to travel without your prescription. It is more of a matter of convenience so that you do not run into any unforeseen problems.
  • First Aid Kit
    A small first aid kit and typical over the counter items such as aspirin, cough, or cold medication should round out your supply of medical related items for your cruise vacation. Preparing for an unforeseen medical situation will help your chances of having an enjoyable, trouble-free cruise vacation. Remember, the key here is trouble-free cruise vacation.

Finally, some ships provide robes, beach towels (both on deck and if you are going ashore to the beach) and hair dryers. It all depending on your level of accomodation. Check on this for your particular accomodationsand if they are provided then leave these items at home. That's half a suitcase right there