Memoirs Of Greatness - Personalized Plaques

by : infocus

When man wishes to commemorate a special event he usually tries to put the significance of this even into tangible form. He may want to erect monuments, declare a holiday, and create mementos and other such memorials. If the special event involves an achievement, it will usually involve medals, trophies, and most often plaques.

1. History

Plaques have been used ever since man has been able to work sheets of metal. Even before the advent of paper, man has always put his history in writing. His choice of material was usually stone, papyrus, and metal. And special occasions called for special stationery. And the stationery of that era would always be rock or metal. Hence were born the earliest plaques. A commemorative plaque is usually a flat, decorative plate that is affixed to a wall. It often marks a significant person or event. In most countries, place with historical significance are often marked by bronze plaques. In the UK this has taken the form of the Blue Plaques - plaques that are so designed to mark important buildings in the history of the country. The word plaque comes from the 19th century French word that means ornamental plate or tablet. They are often made of thin sheets of semi precious metals and are usually given to appreciate an accomplishment of individuals or groups.

2. Occasions

- Sports Trophies
- Graduations
- Championships
- Retirement
- Employee recognition
- Various awards
- Other

3. Preserve Your Memories

Plaques were regarded as precious mementos, and it took skilled artisans to work on such objects of art. If one were to receive a plaque it would be a great honor. With today's technology it is now possible to have personalized plaques done in a jiffy! Yes, it's true. You can now have these beautiful works of art to commemorate more of the special occasions in your life: birthdays, anniversaries, and pretty much any occasion where you want someone to feel special.

In the olden days, artisans would have to toil engraving names and images on the metal plate - but with today's technology you can even incorporate pictures and other graphical designs. In addition, with the advent of computers controlling laser engraving tools, it is possible to order your plaque one day and have it completed and shipped express to you the next. It is also relatively inexpensive to do so. Some engravers use a photo finish method to create permanent color images on the plates.

4. Photo Finish

Photo finish plaques are different from those where you slip in pictures. These personalized plates use a color sublimation process that permanently develops a picture on the metal. It is a silkscreen in which the colors fade away easily. This is very popular nowadays since it allows the customer to submit a picture he would like finished on the plaque.

5. Bronze

Bronze plaques are usually made to be fixed on buildings, statues and other permanent buildings. They are also used for donor recognition, building signs and such. These plaques use engraving technology to etch the words on the plate's surface. These are tough memorabilia and are most often found outdoors.

6. Awards or Wall Plaques

As the name implies, these plaques are hung on walls. They are usually made of a series of little plaques accompanied by the picture of the person for whom the plaque was made. These plaques make great graduation gifts, or worker recognition gifts.