Tips on Taking Care of Woolen Blankets

by : rhusain

Woolen blankets need extra attention as they can become hard and harsh if we don't clean or wash them in a correct way. Pay attention on this guidance to keep your blankets last longer and comfortable to use.

How do I clean the electric blankets? What will be the best way to clean them without damaging them? Here are some ideas to clean the electric blankets and Orlon blankets.

WOOLEN BLANKETS, except electric ones, can be dry cleaned if you prefer. All of them can be washed but, during the last few years, the technique has been changed. Recommended today is the easy soak method that saves energy and prevents shrinkage. Use lukewarm water and an unbuilt synthetic detergent. (Unbuilt detergents are those are those containing no soap and no builders such as washing soda, borax, and other chemical compounds that are alkaline in reaction. All soaps and all water softeners contain alkalis, which are damaging to wool.) First pretreat any spots or especially soiled areas with detergent. Dampen them and apply the detergent with a soft little brush or sponge.

You can use the easy soak method in either tub or washer. Fill the washer with lukewarm water, add the detergent, then put your blanket in. without operating the washer, let the blanket soak for 15-20 minutes. Then turn it over once or twice by hand and spin off the water. Refill the machine with lukewarm water, and then again without operating it, let the blanket soak-rinse for 5 minutes. Extract the water and turn the blanket. Soak-rinse a second time in this same way, then spin and hang it in the shade to dry lengthwise with the fold in the middle on a good tight line. Or hang the blanket over parallel lines placed about a foot apart for quicker drying. Do not use clothespins; they will leave a mark. When the blanket is thoroughly dry, fluff the nap up with a stiff clean brush and press the bindings but not the blanket. A mothproofing mixture (EQ-53) can be added to the second rinse if desired. The blanket can then be stored safely in the linen closet without wrapping. This method of washing blankets gives fine results. The detergents rinse out easily, leaving the blankets soft and fluffy, and there is less shrinking, matting, or pulling than when they are agitated in a washer or squeezed and rubbed by hand. This treatment is recommended for all washable woolens.

ELECTRIC BLANKETS can be washed the same way. They should not be dried in mechanical driers and they should not be dry cleaned unless the manufacturer's instructions stipulate that this is safe. Agents used in dry cleaning may damage the insulation of the wires inside the blanket. Mothproofing substances are generally ruled out for the same reason. Store the clean blanket in a suitable box, preferably the one it came in, and arrange the electrical parts as they were when the blanket was originally packed to prevent damage to the wiring. You can then wrap the box securely with paper and seal all the openings and folds with gummed tape to frustrate moths.

ORLON BLANKETS made of 100 per cent Orion fiber, can be either dry cleaned or washed. If they are to be washed, pretreat spots or very soiled bindings by brushing them with a detergent or soap solution. Wash one blanket at a time in warm suds (100? F.) either by hand or in a washing machine.

For machine washing use a synthetic detergent, or soap and a water softener. Wash the blanket for five minutes and stop the machine after two or three minutes of the final spin dry cycle, or use the complete special fabric cycle if it is available. Dry the blanket in the air, hung evenly over a clothesline; smooth the bindings. Or use a tumble dryer at low heat (120-140? F.) for about twenty minutes. Don't get it too dry. If desired the bindings can be pressed with a steam iron, or with a dry iron set for rayon. Brush up the nap.

Use lukewarm water and inbuilt synthetic detergent use a soft little brush to remove the spots. But you can also take them for dry cleaned if you prefer. Avoid dry-cleaned the electric blankets unless there is some instruction from manufacture as it can damage the wires inside blankets. But electric blanket can be laundered. Orlon blanket can be dry cleaned or washed using synthetic detergent or soap.