Shadow Fun

by : Deborah Shelton

Are you looking for fun projects to do, but are short on supplies? The answer is simple: Shadows!

Shadow Tag

Turn an ordinary walk to the mailbox into a lively game of shadow tag. It’s played much the same way as regular tag, except that instead of tagging a person, you tag the person’s shadow.


Use the combination of light and shadow to create frameable works of art. Use tacks or tape to hang a sheet of white construction paper or poster board to the wall. Sit or stand next to the paper so that the shadow of your profile shows up when a light (flashlights work well) is shined on you. While you sit very still, have someone trace the outline of your shadow on the paper with a pencil. Once the tracing is complete, cut the silhouette out with a pair of scissors and mount it on a sheet of black paper. Make several silhouettes of your family members and display them together.

Shadow Puppets

Who doesn’t love shadow puppets? This is the perfect almost- no-materials-required activity for guaranteed fun. Simply direct light onto a wall (again, flashlights work great) and make shadows with your hands. Try some easy favorites such as a barking dog and a turkey with a droopy, dangly neck. Then invent shadow puppets you’ve never seen before just by moving and bending your fingers and hands in different positions.

Shadow Town

Imagination is a wonderful thing—especially when there is lots of sunshine around! Make your own shadow town by arranging small boxes, cans, and other small items into a straight line in direct sunlight. Try doing this activity on a concrete driveway or on a large piece of paper or cardboard. Once the objects are lined up and casting a shadow, trace the outline of the shadow with sidewalk chalk to form your city’s “skyline." When the skyline is finished, invite your friends to bring their toy cars over to play in your shadow town.