The Battle Of The Sexes Is On This Fathers Day

by : News Canada

(NC)—It seems once again men and women have a difference of opinion. This time the Mars vs.Venus debate is over the ideal gift for Father's Day. A recent survey, by RadioShack Canada, shows that while women want to keep Dad organized and on track this Father's Day, men are more interested in keeping him entertained. According to the survey, men would rather keep Dad amused with a digital camera or satellite TV (63 per cent vs. 47 per cent of women), while women would rather help Dad stay on time, on schedule and connected with mobile phones and personal digital assistants (44 per cent vs. 34 per cent of men).

Give Dad what he wants this Father's Day

After looking at what men and women would prefer to buy for Dad, perhaps the question needs to be "what does Dad actually want to get this Father's Day?"

• Over one-third (47 per cent) of Canadian men say they would prefer to receive a digital camera as a gift over other electronic items such as DVD players (22 per cent), satellite TVs (21 per cent) and MP3 players (seven per cent).

• Time at home. Over half of all Canadian men surveyed (56 per cent) say Father's Day is a day to spend with family.

• Canadian men still love their electronics. More than half of the men surveyed own more than five personal electronic devices, compared to one-third of men surveyed in the RadioShack 2001 Father's Day survey.

Source: RadioShack Canada

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