Fun Christmas to do list

by : Megan Corwin

Instead of doing the typical Christmas to-do list

  • bake cookies,
  • buy and make gifts
  • attend office party
  • church commitments
  • address and mail cards
  • clean the house for guests
  • decorate.

Try this fun christmas to do list instead.
Afterall, the holidays are meant to be a time of joy and family celebration. Here are some fun ideas to simplify the season.

Fun Ideas on Gift Giving:

  • Purchase a family gift rather than gifts for individuals. 
  • For extended families, draw a member's name out of a hat and give only one gift. Limit the present amount.
  • Make soup, beverage or cookie mixes. Package in a pretty jar or container with instructions attached.
  • Have family members create a wishlist on so there's no guessing what they want, purchasing is easy, and there are no trips to the crowded mall.
  • Start a collection. For example, a few years ago I began purchasing nativity set figurines for my mother. Each year she gets a new item to add to her collection. Again, no guessing - I always know what to buy for her.


Fun Ideas for the Kitchen

  • Early in the season make a really big batch of chili. Freeze in individual serving size containers. Great for those nights when you are too tired to cook.
  • Inform Everyone to do Potluck
    Large families still gathering at Mom's for the big dinner, but the children have grown up? Hold a potluck feast so that the cooking is shared by everyone.
  • Host a cookie swap
    Invite 6-12 friends over asking them to bring a dozen cookies per invitee. Exchange varieties. Each participant only bakes one type of cookie, but goes home with all sorts of treats.
  • Purchase frozen pre-shaped cookies from the freezer section of stores like Sam's Club or Gordon Food Service.

Wishing you a peaceful season.