All The Secrets Of The American Red Nose Pitbull

by : jstanton85

American red nose pitbulls are one of the most popular breeds of dogs in the United States of America. They are also probably the most controversial breeds as well due to the fact they have a track record of aggressive behavior, however you can't always judge a book by its cover. This article will explain everything there is to know about American red nose pitbulls and by the end of it I'm sure you will have changed your view of them.

So where did this breed of dog come from? Well in case you don't know, the American red nose pitbull comes from a long line of mastiff's that date way back to 4000 BC when they were used by the Greeks as both working dogs and for war purposes. Over time they were selectively bred to become the current dog we see today.

Their Temperament

It's an interesting question. What is the temperament of the American red nose pitbull really like? Well you can't deny the fact they are built for attack purposes as they have extremely strong jaws capable of breaking bones. You have to remember that they were bred for the purpose of killing and therefore they naturally have attack-like bodies, however this is not the case for their temperament.

It's important to note that American red nose pitbulls are not naturally aggressive animals, instead they are very obedient creatures that will do anything their owners tell them too. This is what they were trained for all those years ago when the Greeks taught them to be loyal and to protect them from enemy hands no matter what.

Now the reason why they have this bad reputation as an aggressive fighting dog is because a great deal of people that own American red nose pitbulls use them for illegal fighting competitions. Therefore they are trained to be as aggressive as possible. If you teach a pitbull to be aggressive, they will naturally do what you say and become the dog you tell it to become. This is the reason for their bad reputation.

Now For Something Positive

Remember how I told that American red nose pitbulls are loyal companions and will do whatever you teach it to do? Well this means that if you teach your dog to be kind and social, it will become a kind and social dog. The only time your dog may become aggressive is if it feels you as the owner is in some way being threatened.