Big Love (Great Danes)

by : zestbit

With it's giant size and extremely gentle temperment, Great Danes are commonly known as "Gentle Giants". Second in height only to the Irish Wolfhound, the Great Dane is one of the largest dogs known. Amazingly, even with their size and power they are gentle and reserved. Tall, muscular, and surprisingly graceful, the Great Dane is a real attention-getter. A walk at the park, or down the street will garner attention from many strangers. My Dane likes to hold onto her leash as we take our walks -- which is usually met with responses such as "Who's walking who?" Some other common questions are: "Is that a horse?", "Where's the saddle?", "How much does she eat?". To the last question I typically reply, "as much as she wants!" Most Danes enjoy all the attention they can get and usually lean against his or her visiting admirers. To me, if a Dane leans on you -- he/she likes you!

The Dane Home

Great Danes thrive as a family member, always up and alert participating in the families day-to-day routine. Their needs are few: love, food, a soft spot to lie, exercise, another soft spot to lie. Great Dane bonds closely with its human companions, is energetic outdoors and requires minimal exercise. They like some time outdoors (usually with human companions nearby) a few times a day and then back inside to watch TV or lay in a sunny window. It seems surprising to most, but Danes can be some of the best apartment dogs because of their mellow nature.

Being such a tall dog, a Great Dane can easily clear counter tops of any food or morsels if left unattended. Young Danes have a hard time controlling their tail which can easily clear coffee tables of their contents. But with some guidance and love, your Dane will soon learn house rules and be very mellow, lazy when in the house.

It is said that Great Danes seldom bark, usually they emit a low rumble when spooked or alerted. My Dane, probably due to a mistake in my training, is fiercely protective of me and will bark at any passerby she notices. Though the bark is intimidating, Danes will accept strangers in the home by sensing if a visitor is okay with its owner. Sensitive to moods, Danes have been known to scurry off to another room during a quarrel or will show great remorse when it knows it broke a house rule. The Great Dane breed dog is very attentive and aware of every situation.

When living amongst a family, the Great Dane will quickly learn the day to day life and what is normal. If something is threatening, odd, or out of the ordinary, they will become alert, focused and protective. It is said that a Great Dane is capable of ferociously protecting its loved ones as a powerful, fierce defender that will give its life in a fight should it come to that.