Expand Your Childs Knowledge, Part 1

by : Jane Fulton

There are thousands of educational sites on the internet. There are also sites that will help prepare your children for high school. Not only are these sites fun, but they give primary childrenlearning skills that they can use through-out their school years and beyond.

To begin you, as the parent, should make a daily study plan of the subjects to be studied and when. This will organize the time your child spends on the computer.

There is a search engine, especially set-up for children: There is also a page called, 'ask earl', where they can ask any question they would like. Earl will answer their question.

On the home page, if you click on 'Reference', you will be taken to a page where the child can click on whatever type of reference they need. Ex--dictionary..........

Let's say your child has to do a report on Dinosaurs. Click on 'Dinosarus'. They will get all kinds of information about Dinosaurs. Does your child want to save a picture of a dinosaur? Right-click on the picture and click on 'Save Picture As', to save it to your hard drive.

Let's take a look at the solor system. On the home page of yahooligans.com, type in 'The Solor System'. You will get all kinds of sites that have information about solor systems. You can click on the link to the site. When finished, click the back button to explore another site. You will even find a World Almanac for children!

If you go to: your child will see actual movies of the solor system, spacecraft launches, the earth's rotation and more.

Here are some other sites your child will find helpful and educational:

Fun & Games For All Ages:

Help With Their Homework:

Internet Public Library:

The Kid's Network: