Walking on a Path of Life

by : Michael Levy

We set out walking along a route where one foot walks on a sidewalk that is slowly accenting to higher levels, whilst the other foot walks on the road. We will get to a point where we have to make a choice. Do we raise ourselves up onto the side walk and continue to ascend, or do we keep both feet on the road, on the lower level?

If we stay on the road, we will keep in the gutter and when it rains heavily, we may get washed away. We also risk being hit by careless drivers.

If we decide to keep both feet on the sidewalk, we can walk in safety and watch all the wonderful scenery.

We cannot go though life in doubt of the truth, with one foot in one camp and another in a different camp. Life makes us make choices. The high path is one with safety and wonderment. The low road is thwart with many dangers, so why take risks?

Walk in peace and harmony on the high side of life via........ the "curb of negativity" and keep your mind out of the...... "gutter press of sensationalism."

There is solely; One Earth we all live on and One life in our physical finite identity........ When we all live as One.....

We ALL prosper.