Use Free Technology to Promote and Market your Business

by : udoitnow

The globalization of e-commerce has generated new web related technology that can be used to promote anything on the Internet. The recent introduction of blogs, pod casts, and RSS provides every Internet marketer an added and indispensable tool he can put to good use to his business advantage.

Today, anyone who has access to the Internet can publish his/her own blog on any topic. This capability provides the blog publisher a free tool to create practically an unlimited number of blog sites focused and targeted to a specific product or niche, which contain information their target market is searching for.

Marketing specialists know the intrinsic value of any related information you can provide to prospective clients and target market about your products and the advantages; advance and related information is considered an essential pre-selling tool, it can positively swing the decision of a potential customer to purchase what it is that you are offering. This marketing technique is very similar to food and beverage companies supermarket taste tests of new products and automotive companies test drives of newly released car models.

Utilizing the many blog capabilities and functions to your advantage is just one reason for you to seriously consider publishing your own product or service related blog. In addition, blogs give you the ability to syndicate your content and/or information through another Internet-related technology called Real Simple Syndication (RSS).

What types of web content can you syndicate? They can be articles, product reviews, e-Books, Mini Courses, Tutorials, MP3 Files and streaming video more popularly known as pod casts. The advancement of technology is so great that there are new cellular phone providers that offer these services on their networks.

Imagine if you publish a system of related affiliate blogs. In addition, since blogs normally come with RSS Feed technology, visitors to your blogs and who subscribe to your RSS Feeds will instantly receive your new post whether it is an article, MP3 file or video.

People who subscribe to your RSS Feed are interested and if they see something that benefits them, then there is a higher probability that they will buy your product or service on offer.

One of the best advantages of a blog is that they are search engine friendly. Every time you post new content to your blog, it pings search engines and other RSS Directories you have submitted to inform them that there is fresh content for them to index.

The more content you post, the more content there is for the search engines to index, which in turn means more traffic to your blog and your website.

You can even modify your blog template by adding Google Adsense and your affiliate programs marketing materials to it. By doing this, every time you post new content, your marketing message will always be there and Google Adsense will display targeted ads related to your content.

Having your own product related blog as an integral part of your affiliate marketing strategy helps you market your affiliate programs towards your target audience more effectively and cheaply.