Choosing The Right Gift

by : Bonnie Jo Davis

Although there are many variables to choosing the right gift for the woman in your life some rules always apply. Following are some basic tips to help you through the murky waters of choosing a gift.

Pay attention. Take a good look at the home decor of the woman who will receive your gift. Does she decorate with angels, candles, family pictures, posters or art. The items a woman chooses for her home will give many clues as to what she would enjoy receiving.

Ask questions. It never hurts to ask a woman what she enjoys receiving as a gift. Ask her to describe her most favorite gift. Ask her to tell you what she enjoys giving as a gift. This often will be the thing that she enjoys receiving as well. Encourage an open dialogue about gift giving and listen to the clues she is giving you.

Don't take the easy way out. Don't just send a dozen flowers or a box of chocolates and expect an overwhelming response. Women love to receive gifts that are meaningful and matched to their interest. If you do send flowers (and sometimes you should) add on a special teddy bear, picture frame or balloons to make the gift more personal.

Avoid candy or fitness related items. Don't give candy unless it comes with another gift such as flowers or as part of a gift basket. That way the woman can give away the candy and still enjoy the gifts that came with it. Too many of us are watching our weight and avoiding fatty and sugary foods. Fitness equipment gifts may be considered an insult as though you are criticizing the woman's weight. Don't think you're being helpful by giving such a gift - it will backfire on you!

Don't buy a gift that you like or want and give it to someone else. This trick will not work on any woman with half a brain! Many years ago I had a committed relationship with a boyfriend that never, and I mean never, bought me a gift. One year he excitedly told me he had bought tickets to a concert for my birthday! I was surprised and pleased until he announced that he bought tickets to a Pink Floyd concert. I listened to Madonna and Michael Jackson at the time not classic rock. Needless to say, out of politeness I pretended to be happy and excited and went to the concert and had a good time. Giving a gift to someone that is something you like or want is selfish and sure to cause serious repercussions in your relationship. Don't do it.

If in doubt give a gift certificate. Many on-line stores offer gift certificates that are convenient and easy to redeem. It may seem like a gift certificate is the easy way out but it isn't. If you purchase a gift certificate from a store that offers gifts interesting to the woman in your life then you are doing her a huge favor. Not only will she get a great gift that interests her but she can choose something that she will actually use and enjoy!

Make your gift giving successful by taking the time to learn about the women in your life and to appreciate them for their unique gifts. Women love to receive gifts and will reciprocate in kind. Don't wait for a birthday or other special occasion. Give gifts frequently and unexpectedly and you will be surprised by the response you receive!