Pay Less in Britain

by : Tukshad Engineer

It's a well known fact that Britain is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in. Whatever we buy - whether it's clothes and electronics to cars, computers, DVDs or food - in the UK we seem to have "settled for paying more". When most people shop they go into a normal retail store and buy a product at a price that they consider to be standard. Well let me tell you, the prices we pay especially in the UK would not be tolerated in most other places in the world.

So is there a way to beat it? You bet! Knowledge really is power, and when we educate ourselves on how retail markets work and where and when you can pick up bargains you'll be able to save hundreds, if not thousands over the course of the year. For a host of money saving ideas on everything from property and finance to where you can save on top brand electronics, DVDs, clothing and more visit

The Story Of Rip Off Britain

I'll bet you've talked about how the UK is a consumer rip-off...perhaps you've even discussed it with your friends and family at the pub. Traditionally the British public did little to address the high costs of living in these isles - many manufacturers capitalised on the fact that Brits would pay a premium for goods and services because they valued "service" and "quality" but in actual fact both these virtues have been greatly reduced over time...yet prices for most things have continued to soar. Is that fair? Of course not, and over the past decade or so the public have realised this and have begun to fight back.

So what prompted this fightback? Many factors - as Brits started to travel abroad more and more they realised how much cheaper everything was in other countries. Even today bargain hunters often make trips to Calais to feast on the cheap items available at hypermarkets. We saw that in places such as USA - an affluent, rich society people enjoy goods and services at a much fairer price. Naturally, we started to ask the question...WHY?

Another factor that has helped to revolutionise consumer opinion is online shopping - more and more of us have started to shop online, realising that it is a safe, convenient and relatively cheap way of getting what we want. These days some people just purchase the odd travel ticket online while others shop for everything...DVDs, groceries, clothes...all online. Indeed, the biggest bargains are now available online.

Anyway, we have reached a point where enough is enough and consumer groups have taken real action. An example is the way that consumer groups have interfered in the new-car market - together with regulators in the UK market prices for new cars within the UK have fallen significantly - and are still continuing to fall today. And it isn't just the new car market - UK consumers have started to see falls in many other retail areas. Air travel is one example - British Airways used to be accused of abusing UK consumers with ridiculously high prices. Virgin Atlantic used this as an opportunity to step in with lower prices and today we have seen the introduction of no frills airlines such as Ryanair (I'm sure we've all seen the fly to Barcelona for ?1 adverts). Being aware of these changes really can help you save a bundle and put real cash in your pocket. In the area of clothing discounters such as TJ Maxx and TJ Hughes have driven down the cost of high quality branded clothing. The result? You now have a choice of whether to get ripped off or not - savings of between 40% and 90% are readily available for those who know where and how to shop.