Discovering The Discover Business Credit Card

by : homebusinessreview

Let's face it: Sometimes, you just need a little extra money in order to make that next big move which will take your business to another level. Whether it is an important business trip to increase the size of your network, a strategic planning session for your employees, an employee training seminar, or just the extra cash you need to improve the decor and functionality of your offices, a business credit card is an excellent way to get the money you need to grow your business quickly.

The Discover Business card offers all of the above advantages of using a business credit card and more. This business card is now offering an introductory period of twelve months. This means that for the first year you use the card, you will not be charged any APR. After your introductory period has ended, the credit card has a standard APR of 12.99% on all purchases. You will also enjoy the convenience of being charged no annual fee on your card when you apply to use it for your business purposes.

The Discover Business Card offers several unique advantages to their users, not the least of which is the Cashback Rewards program. When you use your credit card, you are eligible to receive a percentage of your purchases back in the form of cash! The Cashback Rewards system offers variable percentages of cash return depending on the purchase. When you buy office furniture and supplies, you are eligible to receive 5% of your purchase price back when you use your card. You also qualify to earn 2% back on purchases of gasoline, and up to 1% cash back on all other purchases made by swiping this valuable credit tool. The Cashback Rewards program goes even further. By teaming up with more than 60 brand-name partners allows users to double their rewards!

If you are currently using other companies for your business credit needs, Discover Business Card encourages you to take advantage of their no transfer and low interest consolidation fees in order to keep a closer watch on your outstanding debts. Transfer your outstanding balances and receive an APR of 5.99%!

In order to keep a close watch on your business expenses, the Discover Business Card allows applicants to ask for additional, free cards for the use of their employees. These convenient cards allow a business owner to keep close tabs on business spending through the ability to monitor the usage of these cards through one easily accessible account. These employee cards come with customizable limits in addition to monthly reporting. Finally, the principle card owner will qualify for all rewards that are gained when an additional card is used!

Of course, no card is any good to a business owner if the company is hard to reach with any questions or concerns. The Discover Business Card respects your valuable time by ensuring that a representative will be available to help you in less than a minute after your call is received. You can also take advantage of the fact that the Discover Business Card makes your records available for download in the QuickBooks program format.