For The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Start With Gourmet Beans

by : teahupoo

How does one brew the perfect cup of coffee?

There are several different brewing methods used through out the world and every avid coffee drinker has their own preference. But the one thing that they all agree on is freshly grinding the coffee beans daily. This is something that they believe in deeply and take to heart. Even the average coffee drinker will be a convert to this after having just one cup of coffee from freshly ground beans. With this in mind, every home should have a good quality coffee grinder.

The next logical question would be, what is a quality coffee grinder?

Well, there are two basic types of grinders, burr grinders and blade grinders. The burr grinders use plates with gears on them, otherwise known as burrs. One plate turns while the other stays still which causes the moving plate to grind the beans against the stationary plate. Blade grinders, on the other hand, use razor sharp blades that spin, grinding the beans in the process. When choosing between these two, keep in mind that heat and uniformity can have an effect on the finished coffee.

No matter what type of grinder you choose, a certain amount of heat is produced. Faster grinders are time savers but they produce more heat, and this does cause a certain amount of damage to the beans. Also, the length of time needed to make finer grounds also causes more heat, thus more damage.

Another thing to take into consideration when producing a great cup of coffee is the uniformity of the grounds. Coffee should be ground evenly through out. This is important because when the water passes over the coffee grinds it only has a small amount of time to take in the flavor of the coffee. When beans are poorly ground and not as uniform, it is harder for proper brewing to take place.

A low speed burr grinder does not produce as much heat, causing less damage to the coffee. Also, unlike the blade grinder, it provides a more uniformly ground bean which allows for better brewing. It is for these reasons that the burr grinder would be a better choice over the blade grinder. This type of grinder can run as much as several hundred dollars, but there are models available to fit into any budget.

For those who do not enjoy the flavor and aroma of a great cup of coffee, this may seem like an extravagant purchase and colossal waste of money and time. After all, there are many different already ground coffees on the market, easily purchased at local grocery stores. But for the coffee enthusiast who has a heightened sense of taste and smell, these prepackaged products just do not do not measure up. Therefore, this is a wise investment that will bring years of enjoyment. Let's face it; there is no better way to start any morning than with the perfect cup of Joe.