How to Give the "Gift of a Lifetime"

by : Van Day

Giving that special someone a special gift can be very difficult. Depending on the situation and occasion, it can be a very tricky thing. You want to do the right thing, but if you’re not careful, it can backfire. As many have found out, you need to give this some considerable thought.

But everyone wants to give the 'right' gift. What makes up a great gift?

In my experience, a great gift:

  • Is truly unique, personal and creative;
  • Demonstrates to the recipient the thoughtfulness and caring that went into securing the gift;
  • Evokes emotions from the recipient whenever it is used, seen or thought about; and
  • Makes the recipient truly feel special.

A great gift doesn't necessarily have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to be great. But also understand that getting a gift that is cheap can show how much 'you don't care.' Before you start to shop and buy, also consider the following:

1. Who is the recipient? Is it your spouse, significant other, sibling, parents, relative, close friends, neighbor or business associate?

2. Next, what is the occasion? Holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, engagement, promotion, a 'just because' occasion, or 'I-need-to-get-out-of- the-doghouse-occasion?'

3. Be yourself. The gift is from you, so make sure it shows it. But be appropriate, and be sure the gift is something that the recipient will relate to and enjoy.

4. Try to avoid excessiveness. Simple gifts tend to also be very well received.

5. Don't wait until the last minute. It only gives you too little time to get a great gift, and also shows how much you don't care.

Being creative is a fantastic way to ensure getting the right gift. People love it when it's obvious their gift required some imagination and creativity. So as you’re going through the “what do I get them" process, remember that a little bit of creativity, uniqueness and personalization will go a long, long way!

The true measure of a great gift will be seen in the eyes of the recipient when they get it. You’ll know it, you’ll feel it, and you’ll feel great yourself when you’ve given the “Great Gift"