Late Night Adventures with Your Children

by : Kate Hufstetler

Vacations are fun ! Weekends with the family are nice. But, Late Night Adventures are "simply marvelous". If you really want to shine in your child's eyes on a more regular basis-- try some late night adventures with them.

By late night I am talking about adventures that start from 10pm on.

Shouldn't kids be in bed at that time? -- yes

Shouldn't parents keep structure? -- yes

Don't parents need to set an example? -- yes

Aren't kids only young once? -- YES and that is the point.

Take time to be magical in your child's eyes. I applaud organized, structured family systems. I think it can be quite difficult for many families today that are over worked, tapped out, and stretched as far as time will allow for cramming in activities. Yet, since your kids are only young once-- why not give it a shot and build a couple memories as the coolest parent on the block.

Here are a couple ideas that won't take up much time or money but go a long way with kids:

  • Wake up and watch a lightening / thunder storm at 11pm

  • Grab a skateboard and hit the pavement at 1am

  • During a snow freeze on the driveway and street out front-- ice skate in athletic shoes at 2 am

  • Go to bed early and make a run for Denny's at 3 am

  • Watch the sun rise together while eating Krispy Kreme donuts and drinking milk at 6 am (or even add homemade fortune cookies so you both have something cool to open up with a positive outlook pronounced on your day ahead)

The difference with about late night adventures with your children vs. weekends or vacations is simply that late night adventures are novelty, costing less money and more quality attention. Your kid will be the envy of the other kids-- because what other parent do you know that does these things?! Believe me, the kids in our neighborhood still can't get over some of the things my son tells them we do. In fact, they want to come along.

Every now and then, go on and forget about the adult in you and join your child in being a kid. Regain your sense of wonder and enchantment. Throw rules to the wind and have some innocent fun. If you do, I promise you will shine in their eyes and fill both your hearts with rich memories that will last your life time.

Until next time--- all the best,