Male Menopause Symptoms

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Menopause is a problem that occurs in men as well. Man is said to suffer from menopause when the testosterone levels in the body fall at the rate of1% per year after the age of 40 years. The most common male menopause symptoms are sexual dysfunction, fatigue, mental disorder and irritability. The best treatment for male menopause symptoms is testosterone replacement therapy to replace the declining levels of testosterone in the body.

Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles in small amounts. The levels of testosterone begin to fall in men after mid life. As a result men may suffer from male menopause symptoms like low sex drive, memory and concentration problems, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes and excess sweating. However erectile dysfunction may also be a symptom due to other causes also.

It is advisable that if you face any of the above symptoms for a considerable long time then it is necessary to consult your doctor immediately. The doctor will try to find out the cause of these symptoms and then suggest treatment accordingly. Hormone replacement therapy is normally suggested by doctors for those men who have low testosterone levels. Male depression and irritability have decreased in many cases after hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone replacement has also helped the patient in his mental functioning, preventing night sweats and increasing bone density and muscle mass.

Testosterone replacement therapy can be prescribed in the form of injections, oral supplements, implants, transdermal patches and gels. The injections are given once every fortnight. The oral capsules are also very beneficial for those people who can take injections. Patches are also a very good option for a steady release of testosterone in the body. The implants are inserted in the lower abdomen area. The treatment may last up to six months.

Your doctor will be your best advisor in case of alternative treatments and he will be able to guide you on the different types of treatments. Many treatments have their own side effects and so it is better to consult fully with the doctor before starting any treatment. Some of the most common side effects of heavy medications include nausea, drowsiness, dizziness, etc. Sleep apnoea is also an occasional risk factor with androgen therapy. Hence the male menopause symptoms can be cured by taking the right advice and selecting the right treatment options.

Menopause in women is said to occur when the ovaries of women produce less and less amount of estrogen and after a certain period the production is completely stopped. Menopause is said to occur in women after the age of 40 years. The average age of women menopause worldwide is said to be 50.2 years.

Today we delve into the topic of male menopause. Male menopause is also known as Andropause. Andropause in men is caused due to low testosterone levels. Male menopause is also regarded as a natural cessation of the sexual function in elder man. Male menopause is also known as sexual regression in men over the age of 40 years due to decreasing hormone levels.

Men suffering from menopause also suffer from the same psychological and physical disorders as women in menopause. Men also suffer from low confidence level, mood swings and depression. Physically men suffer from decreasing levels of androgens and estrogens as women. Men also suffer from bone related disorders like osteoporosis. Men also lose sexual drive during male menopause. Women like men also suffer from the loss of sexual desire.

The decreasing hormone levels in men due to male menopause have a negative impact on the mood and mental abilities. There is lack of concentration on tasks, erectile dysfunction and urinary problems. Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles and it regulates the structure of all body proteins and the integrity of genitals in adult men. The other symptoms in case of male menopause is weight related disorders and obesity. The face looks aged and the muscles and the bone tissues begin to weaken. The body organs fail to function at their full potential. Then there is high blood pressure, clogged arteries, increased cholesterol and high estrogen levels add to the woes.
It is necessary that if any of the above symptoms persist for a long time, then a doctor's opinion should be sought after. Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the most sought after treatment for male menopause. Testosterone Replacement Therapy can be prescribed in the form of injections, oral medication, gels and transdermal patches. Capsules are given to men who can't take injections. Patches are also a very good option to ensure that testosterone is released steadily. Testosterone levels should be maintained at optimum levels to provide the best benefit to men suffering from menopause