Prepare Your Child For Potty Training

by : Danna Henderson

When your child shows most of the signs of potty training readiness, you can start introducing him to the idea.

Potty Training Books, Videos, & DVDs - Potty training books, videos, and DVDs provide a great opportunity to introduce the potty to your child. Read a book as a bedtime story or watch a video together. Your child will surely have questions and be delighted when he finds a potty chair of his own!

Potty Chair or Seat - As you begin introducing the potty to your child, be sure to put a potty chair in the bathroom. Children love to imitate other family members and your child will probably sit on it when he sees you use the bathroom. After watching a potty training video or reading a potty training story, your child will have a pretty good idea what the potty is for.

Potty Training Doll - Dr. Phil recommends purchase an anatomically correct drink & wet doll for potty training. His method involves having your child teach the doll to use the potty, thereby learning himself!

Training Pants - Potty training pants facilitate potty training by enabling your child to feel that he is wet. Diapers draw the moisture away from your child's skin so he can't always tell that he has just peed. Training pants allow your child to feel the wetness while protecting everything else from leaks.

Potty Training Incentives - Rewards and incentives such as stickers, snacks, and certificates can be great potty training tools. They work especially well for children who understand the basics but need an incentive to stop what they are doing and sit on the potty.

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