Feel Like a (Romantic) Kid Again

by : Paris Permenter & John Bigley

Romantic Things To Do

If the start of the school year makes you a little nostalgic about your own school days, why not take a little trip: back to your own childhood! Make a date with that special someone and act like children again. You'll soon see that this child-like fun can be just as romantic as a grown-up date. And the ideas below are a whole lot easier on the budget!

Romantic Things To Do

  • Buy some bubble gum. Have a bubble blowing contest.
  • Buy your lover a stuffed animal and name it together.
  • Challenge each other to a pillow fight.
  • Compete in a video game.
  • Cuddle on a carousel.
  • Enjoy a one-day vacation doing activities you'd normal do with your kids, but this time only include each other.
  • Visit a theme park or water park. Go to the zoo.
  • Ride a miniature train.
  • Ride your partner's favorite ride at amusement parks.
  • Talk to each other in pig Latin.
  • Tell each other scary stories
  • Visit a playground. Swing and slide together.
  • Win your partner a prize at the arcade.
  • Write your names on a balloon and watch it drift off in the breeze.

There are infact so many ways on the type of romantic things your can do. The reality is that, "being romantic" means different things to different people and couples. But at its core, romance involves doing something to express affection in a meaningful yet unexpected way. There is no one-size that fits all. 

Good luck and we hope the ideas above on romantic things to do can help you. Of course, there is always the everlasting roses, candle and chocolate if you are too scared to venture any further.