White Gold Rings

by : Kaisilver

It is commonly believed that white gold man rings do not look good and masculine. This is perhaps the main reason why man rings in white gold are quite hard to find. Jewelry designers and sellers have played by the market trend and avoided white gold for men's rings.

There is only one possible reason that has led to this belief. White is a color that is associated with something fine and delicate and therefore thought to be unsuitable for men's rings and jewelry. Design research has proved that a few features implemented into man white gold rings would make them look great for men. Some of these features are good suggestions for men's white or yellow gold rings.

(1) Good gold weight is the beginning of a good white gold ring for men. The good weight ensures that the ring gets a full and masculine feel. It also helps to make the ring sturdy and increase the long term durability of the ring. The good gold weight will also ensure that the gemstone remains firmly mounted in the ring. White gold male rings if made with low gold weight, would most likely appear to be dainty and feminine.

(2) Single gemstone designs are ideal for man white gold rings. A fairly large single gemstone set in a white gold ring for men creates an impression of being solid and assertive. This goes well with the personality of most of today's men. Many small gemstones instead of one large gem make the ring look cluttered and also need more looking after. The large gemstone in your man white gold ring need not be an expensive gemstone. Stay within your budget and go for affordable gems. London Blue Topaz, Onyx, Jade, Red Garnet, Citrine are some of the possible medium price gemstones.

(3) When choosing a gemstone for your white gold ring, choose darker shades of your favourite gems. Deep blue topaz, deep red garnet, very deep yellow citrine, smoky quartz are such medium priced gemstones. If you prefer rubies then remember that white gold male rings look better in square or octogonal shapes. With blue sapphires almost all shades are fine and the important thing is to keep the gemstone a bit large. One small note here, ensure that the gems are not very dark as that would make them appear almost black when contrasted against the white gold.

(4) Keep a broad ring band width throughout. You would have noticed many male rings where the head height of the ring is around a centimeter (10mm), the band width reduces drastically for some reason and ends up at a mere 2mm to 3mm behind the finger. This may save you a few grams of gold but also ruins the overall impression of the ring. Ideally a man ring with a ring head height of 1cm should have a band width behind the finger that is at least 5mm to 6mm. Besides being vital for the overall impression of the ring, this feature also helps in adding durability to the ring.

(5) Solid gemstone mounting is another important factor. Prong settings for gemstones make the ring appear a bit delicate and light. Prongs also tend to get stuck in pockets and other places. This causes the prongs to open up and loosen the gemstones. Ensure that the gemstone is well protected and bordered with gold. This will give your man white gold ring a broad and solid feel and also protect the gemstone from side impact.

(6) Remember that 14k white gold is much harder than 18k white gold. Given today's active lifestyles that men lead, we would strongly suggest 14k white gold for your man white gold rings. 18k gold is softer than 14k gold and that makes the work of your jeweller a bit easier, but the idea is to get a jewel that is strong and durable so take note of this suggestion.

The above are some of the best advice that you will ever get. Few jewellers reveal all these facts as they prefer to play to market trends and beliefs rather than, educate buyers. There is an oft repeated phrase for jewelry buyers and that is '... to value the jeweller before you value the jewelry'. Shop from a jeweller with a reputation for service and an experience in high end jewelry.

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