Did You Know That Dark Chocolate May Help Prevent Heart Disease?

by : teahupoo

Research teams hailing from various countries, such as Switzerland, have concluded that chocolate may aid in the prevention of diseases that are known to attack the heart. Through numerous studies, it has been stated that the best kind of chocolate to ingest for your health is the dark bitter variety. A group of Swiss researchers implied that eating this type of chocolate on an everyday basis is most beneficial.

Conclusions were made regarding the health benefits of chocolate after conducting a series of tests on a group of about 30 volunteers. The test group consisted of people who smoked, but did not appear to have any health ailments to deal with. The test subjects had to abide by a few guidelines in order for researchers to obtain the results they needed.

For starters, the volunteers were not allowed to eat any foods that contained any antioxidants. Some of these edible items included cabbage, onions and apples. This was a requirement to be followed after they were given doses of different kinds of chocolate. About 40 grams of the sweet stuff was given to them.

After two hours passed from the consumption of the chocolate, the findings appeared on an echograph. One of the points that were revealed involved the consumption of dark chocolate, which consist of at least 75% cocoa. The echograph showed that the test subjects enjoyed an improvement with the flow of their blood. Additional tests revealed that a decrease in blood incidents, as well as blockages was seen from the initial observations. The risk for these occurrences had significantly decreased. It was also shown that white chocolate did not possess the same characteristics or results as darker versions.

This is probably because dark chocolate has a high level of antioxidants per one gram of substance. These levels are higher that other popular food items, including green tea, some fruits and red wine.
There is no doubt about the amount of helpful and healthy antioxidants contained within a piece of chocolate. The reason that it is often viewed as an undesirable food item is due to the large amounts of fats that chocolate possesses. The levels of glucose are also seen as an unhealthy characteristic. If this type of sweet is consumed at a high rate, numerous other problems may arise, including obesity and diabetes.

If you are interested in the incorporation of chocolate into your daily diet to accompany your efforts towards a healthier lifestyle, keep in mind that moderation is the key. You should focus on fixing the amount of chocolate you consume to match your weight and how much exercise you complete throughout the day. If you are a person that is constantly on the move, then consuming chocolate shouldn't pose any threat of weight gain. For those who are confined to working in an office all day or spend most of their time in a chair, you may face a brick wall. Without much exercise or participation in sports, you run the risk of adding a few extra pounds to your frame with increased amounts of chocolate consumption.