The Electronic Stethoscope

by : lynter

The stethoscope, a piece of medical equipment needed to diagnose ailments and defects in the human body has undergone yet another design change. The electronic stethoscope is a prototype designed by cardiologists and physicians. Although it is designed to detect abnormalities in patients, it is also of benefit to doctors who suffer from hearing loss. It has volume control that allows it to be turned up when needed.

The electronic stethoscope increases the sounds, making it possible for doctors to continue in their profession. Its design is very simple. It uses a filter switch to distinguish the pitch.

Because the electronic stethoscope is fitted to each person's ear, it is custom made. Everyone has a different type of ear canal; therefore the device cannot be used by more than one person.

The earpieces are placed into the ear canal, if they are in place and no sound can be heard, they would need to be re-inserted.

To insert them correctly, hold them directly in front of you and place them in the ear canal slanting downward. Each person's ear canal is different and the angle will be different.

Another difference between the electronic and standard model is that the electronic model comes with two chest pieces. One shaped as a bell and one shaped as a diaphragm. This allows the physician to choose which is best for him or her.

There are many benefits to the electronic stethoscope. The biggest being the ability to adjust the sound level to detect even the faintest abnormality. This could be the difference between life and death for a patient that has a growing problem.

In the past, if a physician had hearing loss, they would either have another physician make a diagnosis or, in advanced hearing loss, they would simply retire. This is no longer necessary. The sound level is amplified by up to ten times the sound level of a standard stethoscope.

This incredible device is not only used in the medical community, but also by mechanics, exterminators and spies. The adjustable volume makes them excellent listening devices. Exterminators use them to find the areas of infestation and also to find animals that are trapped within the walls.

Stethoscopes have come a long way since its simple beginnings. It has been revolutionized by electronics and used not only in the medical community but other industries as well. Sounds that could not be otherwise detected can now be heard and treated before they become life threatening.


Not only have the new features of the stethoscope revolutionized the medical community, but other industries as well. It has been an indispensable tool that allows the smallest of problems to be diagnosed before they cause sometimes fatal problems.