The Best Way to Quit Smoking

by : snook2

There are several ways to quit smoking but the best way is when you stop smoking because it comes from inside of you. But what creates that internal drive from inside of you could be many things. It could be that you are tired of wasting enormous amounts of money each week on this habit and you love your money too much to continue parting with it in this manner. It could be that you became ill from smoking or you saw someone die from smoking-related illnesses. For whatever reason, when it comes from your inner soul, you will more than likely do it. If you have ever seen someone with emphysema you will see someone literally suffocating but with plenty of air all around them. When you realize that these people in many cases were smokers, it should scare you. If you are a smoker you should be scrambling to quit.

Many parents smoke but would never approve of their children smoking at any age. But think about it. How can you tell your teenager not to start smoking when you are puffing away? If you know anything about teenagers then you know that they see right through your hypocrisy. And they will just pick up the habit to spite you. Then, when they are adults, they will realize they are hopelessly hooked. Is that enough to scare you yet?

In the United States, a pack of cigarettes from a convenience store ranges from $3.00 to $4.00 per pack. If you buy cigarettes by the carton then you might get around $3.00 a pack but it is still very expensive. So, if you smoke one pack-a-day that is $90.00 a month. Most people when they think about quitting have already gone into the two pack-a-day habit so that is $180.00 a month. How can you justify that expense to your family? Think about your kids having to do without food and clothing because you want to smoke. If you love your family then that should scare you enough to make you want to change.

Or maybe this one will scare you. If you've been smoking for any length of time, one day you will experience the morning cough where you will cough and cough when you first wake up. And after you are done coughing, you will light up a cigarette. When you've reached that point, stop and look at yourself. Your habit is so bad that you will actually continue to poison yourself after your body is telling you to stop by its coughing. It is time for a change.

What should really scare you into quitting is when you step back and look at what your smoking is doing to your family. Your kids may be cut short of having you as a parent around. Or, for you parents with grownup kids just imagine you having to depend on them for care because of your smoking-related respiratory problems when you get old. Guess what? Your grownup kids will be standing in line to get your insurance benefits and whatever else you own as soon as you die. Does that scare you a little longer so you can spend their inheritance? We are being humorous but hope you get the point.

The fact of the matter really is that when you look at who you are affecting besides yourself, it should scare you and create an inner drive to quit smoking. That inner drive is without a doubt the best and most promising way to quit smoking.