Review of Devices to Help You Stop Smoking

by : scubaman

While there will be challenges on the road to stopping smoking, there are a variety of products designed to help make your quitting process easier.

Herbal patches
Similar in concept to nicotine patches, without the nicotine, herbal patches contain natural ingredients that offer the body a substitute for the nicotine it is craving, therefore helping to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Herbal medications
There are herbal products designed to help you quit smoking by making your cigarettes taste bad. Taken in capsule form once a day, these are reputed to keep working and quickly diminish your desire to smoke as your body begins to associate cigarettes with unpleasant sensations.

Self-hypnosis audio
A drug free approach that skips the need for nicotine replacements by directly targeting your belief that you need to smoke. Hypnosis helps overcome your mental obstacles to quitting, and promotes deep relaxation in order to diminish your cravings and withdrawal symptoms, as well as reduce any underlying stress that has contributed to your smoking habit in the first place.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)
Alternative sources of nicotine can be used to help you slowly withdraw from the drug while breaking the other behavioral components of your habit. Available in gum, patches, inhalers, sprays and lozenges, NRT is a common method of substantially improving the success rate of stop smoking strategies. It is important to use these products carefully according to directions as part of a determined effort to quit in order for them to work for you.

Acupressure devices
Acupressure has been used to reduce the desire to smoke, and may involve the use of a variety of products, from wristbands to small metal nodes that are attached inside the ear. Acupressure is derived from ancient Chinese medical practices including acupuncture that stimulate or relax various bodily functions using energy centers throughout the body. Helpful in the treatment of numerous ailments, this drug-free approach is gaining popularity in helping individuals tap into the body natural healing abilities.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways to help you get through the difficult initial stages of nicotine withdrawal. Once your dependence on cigarettes has been broken, staying quit will require an ongoing commitment, so whatever cessation method you choose, remember to pair it with a clear idea of why you are quitting in order to remind yourself of all the important reasons to resist temptation when it arises. You are on your way to better health and an improved quality of life keep up the good work, and look forward to the experience of living free from addiction, with its many advantages, including the rewards of overcoming a difficult habit to break. Feel good about your achievements, and celebrate them each step of the way you have earned it.