Get Into Shape Quickly

by : jimmycox

Yoga originated from ancient India and the word yoga, from the ancient language Sanskrit, means union. The union of Yoga is about the mind, body and spirit.

Yoga is best described with the word Asana, which is also from the Sanskrit language and refers to the practice of poses and physical postures.

The words yoga and asana have become synonymous as the majority of yoga that is practiced today focuses mainly on mental and spiritual well being rather then physical activity. Asana is only one of the eight types or limbs of yoga.

Most people think of yoga as stretching. Yes, stretching is definitely a part of yoga, but it is really about having balance throughout the body by developing both strength and flexibility. Yoga uses poses that are specific and each pose has great physical benefits. The poses can be done two different ways. One of which is quickly, creating heat in the body from movement. The second way is moving more slowly to increase your stamina and to get the perfect alignment of the pose.

Peaceful repose is derived in two ways: from Ananda, the bliss of sleep, which comes to everyone in a healthy state and from Samadhi or relaxation. And the difference between the two is that in the former there is a veil of ignorance, whereas in the latter there is no veil, therefore, Samadhi is superior to Ananda.

Moreover, mastering Deep Relaxation is the first step toward the more advanced stages of Yoga practice, Concentration and Meditation. And the difference between them is that, in Relaxation, the mind is made passive and you allow thoughts to flow in, whereas in Concentration and Meditation the mind is made to fix on some central point and shut out all thoughts but the one on which the attention is turned by choice. However, these higher stages cannot be achieved without first passing through the first one.

Deep Relaxation, then, is the first step toward serenity of spirit and health of body. This is how you can make a major contribution to your overall well being, your health, your peace of mind and, finally, that inner poise and purposefulness that are the foundation of better relationships with the people around you. This is how you can learn to control your immediate destinies and, in the long run, control your entire future to a great extent. Just a few minutes a day, every day, devoted to Deep Concentration. A modest beginning indeed, but in time, with perseverance, it will truly make you the captain of your own soul, the master of your fate.

Yoga can truly be a way of life and can help you build up your strength and vitality. You can practice yoga upon rising from bed and finish off your day with it as well. You will find that you will feel more at peace and be more relaxed. The more you learn, the better you will feel. Try not to rush through any of the poses as they will benefit you more if they are performed slowly and with precise movements. You will truly begin to feel the benefits of practicing yoga from your very first experience with it. Be sure to take your time and learn each pose so you can get the most out of yoga.