More Quit Smoking Tips

by : charisma

It is really a big difference between a smoker that has stopped smoking and a non smoker. The smoker is fighting the addiction and resists having a cigarette, while the non smoker can not think of anything worse than smoking. Perhaps you have met the non-smoker, really more of a fanatic that often express his or her feelings about smoking and smokers.

That negative attitude helps them to stay non-smokers.

Other smokers who quit smoking years ago can still say 'I would love to have a cigarette to this beer' and if you are trying to quit smoking that is terrifying to hear. It actually means that they only quit smoking at a conscious level, that is they decided to stop, but unconsciously, smoking is still an attractive prospect for them.

There are many ways to stop smoking!

Nicotine patches works great and many quit without actually thinking about it. The ratio for persons that quit long term is rather low though.

Chewing gums can take some time to get used to, the taste is not what you are used to.

There are also tablets, lozenges, inhalers and Zyban, the stop smoking drug. In addition, plenty of people out there are willing to tell you how to stop smoking, you can find quit tips everywhere.

Many try a couple of methods at the same time and I have met persons with nicotine patches, chewing gum and snuffing at the same time. Once in a while also a person that have a cigarette to coffee or beer or any other excuse they can find. The only good thing might be that they save their lungs a little. But they are really enforcing the addiction.

The unconscious mind is what most smokers are unaware of and if you are going to make the effort to free yourself from the terrible effects of smoking, you should do it the right way. Start with a proper smoking cessation program that will leave you free of the desire to smoke.

With the right psychological methods and techniques you will be able to control the smoking addiction and become free from its grip.

Do not stop smoking until you are ready for it! When you use the hypnosis methods you will move your mind from its current addicted state to complete freedom from cigarettes. And that will happen when you want it to happen. You will no longer be controlled by the need to smoke. You will never again plan your day so you can smoke, and you will not need to run outside at work or at parties.

You will become a real non-smoker afterwards and you can't imagine why you ever smoked.
Hypnosis is a powerful tool and you only quit smoking when you don't want to smoke any more.