Anxiety Attacks

by : 60capp11

If you are reading this article because you think you may have experienced an anxiety attack symptom, read on. Many people go through some form of anxiety in their lives at some stage brought on by a myriad of reasons. The scenario is usually the same; pounding heart, shortness of breath, feeling lightheaded and faint and an intense fear; one of losing control over a situation.

Truth is, many people simply don't know they are having an anxiety attack because they really don't know what it is. Sure, you would have heard the term anxiety used a lot, whether it was at home, at work or on television but do you really understand what it is?

A Brush With Anxiety

Take my case for example. I went through marital problems several years ago and yes, it affected me. As a professional broadcaster I call live sports action on a regular basis. I first met "Mr. Anxiety Attack" midway through the broadcast of a sporting event. It scared the heck out of me! When I got home all I wanted to know was what I went through so I set up an appointment with my doctor.

Describing what took place he calmly nodded his head and simply said..."You had an anxiety attack."

"A what!" I retorted. "An anxiety attack? No way!"

Then I asked him to explain what an anxiety attack is in plain language. This was the short definition... "Basically an anxiety attack is simply a strong, intense sensation which creates fear in a person. In fact, in many cases the person can actually feel they may be dying."

So there it was. Luckily for me, it was the only brush with anxiety I had experienced but for many, it's symptoms are a constant bane in their lives. I took action immediately. Many don't and this is mystifying. If you suffer the symptoms on a regular basis and have not sought medical advice then you should really consider doing so. You see, even though you are sure you're experiencing anxiety attack symptoms there is still the possibility another more serious condition may have been masked.

The Symptoms

A pounding heart is a classic tell tale symptom of anxiety attack. So is shortness of breath... that's what affected me most. Many people report a lightheaded or faint feeling while most will tell you they have an overwhelming fear of losing control. This symptom is usually experienced following the others.

The Cause

An actual cause is hard to determine. Perhaps the cause of anxiety attack symptoms is simply the body's way of reacting to any overwhelming feeling. Stressful episodes in people's lives or medical conditions or medication; no one really knows but if you suffer attacks regularly then there may be something more sinister at work and you should seek medical advice.