The Secret to Successfully Quit Smoking

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400,000 shiney, new caskets will be purchased this year for cigarette smokers dying 12 years before their time. If your'e wantng a healthier, longer lasting life, the steps to getting there include giving up your deadly nicotine habbit.

Ha! If it were so easy...

It is, insists this journalist. A newly discovered, ingenious way to stop smoking is revealed in this article. Read on to learn what the big tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies and therapists around the world don't want you to know.

First you must think about quitting.

Did you know millions of parents still continue to smoke around their children knowing that cigarettes are filled with harmful poisons? Besides the fact that this sets a bad example, children who's parents smoke are more likely to smoke themselves when they get older, chemicals from ciggarette smoke linger in the air for hours after a ciggarette has been smoked. Even if you can't smell it, the chemicals stay in the air and poision anyone who breaths them in. Your children, your pets... cats - smoke sticks to their fur that they lick clean.

A few of the chemicals added to ciggarettes are:

Tar - The same tar used to pave highways. This is the main cause for yellow teeth and fingertips.

Hydrogen Cyanide - This is a chemical used to kill rats. It's also been used in World War 2 as a weapon of mass destruction. Puff puff!

Acetone - This is an ingredient in nail polish remover.

Formaldehyde - This is the stuff used to preserve dead bodies.

Carbon Monoxide - Car exhaust. Do you really want this in your lungs?

Nicotine - Ah yes, that's the stuff. Chemical addiction.

There's over 400 chemicals found in ciggarette smoke, with every puff, people are inhaling these poisonous chemicals and creating second-hand smoke for others.

Now make a list of reasons why you want to become a non smoker. Hang the list on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder. The next thing you must do is visualize yourself never smoking again. Not one cigarette, ever. You must be absolutely serious as you are making a life changing decision.

Once you pick the day you choose to start, you must continue to visualize your new life as an ex smoker. It will be rough at first. Remove all reminders of cigarettes, ash tray, lighters... friends who smoke around you. Your new action will be researching the effects of cigarettes on the human body. Use the internet, read some books, look at lots of pictures of lungs and heavy smokers who are using holes in their throats. How bad do you need that nicotine?

It's a challenging habit to break, but not impossible. Lots of people do it every day. Remember, you're going to be changing the chemical in your body. It's an uncomfortable process, to say the least. Drink lots of bottled water and cranberry juice. Reconize what causes you to think about a cigarette. Another person lighting up, finishing a meal, waking up... Realize when your going through a withdrawl, your body is clensing itself of nicotine and you are becoming healthier.

These are the steps in a path to a smoke free life that many have taken before. When you make the serious commitment to yourself to stop smoking, don't let anything hold you back. This is your time, spend it in good health.

Chris Kashesh

Quit Smoking.