Detoxification By Using Juice Diet Therapy

by : kevinp

Nature cure depends for effectiveness on elimination of the toxic substances causing the condition, whereas the more dramatic results of the orthodox physician are more concerned with the suppression of the symptoms.

For conditions which have appeared to become serious, self-diagnosis can lead to errors. There is really no substitute for the objective opinion of a trained and experienced practitioner, but the great advantage of raw juice diet is that it is not normally made less effective when combined with other treatments.

An elimination of the toxic substances in the tissues begins with the therapy. The strength of this activity can develop and grow so that the wastes that have accumulated are first of all loosened and then mobilized. They are absorbed again by the blood-stream and afterwards excreted.

This often causes an aggravation of the symptoms, or sometimes colds or boils or digestive upsets. In the young and vigorous this healing crisis may take place in the first six weeks of treatment; older or weaker people, especially when a chronic illness is present, often have no crisis at all. Or when they do, it may be delayed for many months and be quite mild as the toxic material is disposed of slowly.

Today advertising encourages the mother to use baby milks so that the natural protection and immunity which is the child's birthright and comes from breast feeding is denied. As a distinguished British pediatrician said: 'I simply cannot see why all normal mothers do not breast feed, for not only is the mixture just right, it is more healthy, free of charge, at the correct temperature, there when you need it and beautifully packed".

Nature is complete and whole - we must extract the whole of the juice from the fruit or vegetable in the same way as we should use the whole of the grain in our cooking. So natural cures necessitate moving away from the sophisticated and refined, partially synthetic foods that are everywhere about us, back to those living cells which are composed of the same organic building blocks as comprise all living things. If you think this may not make for an exciting cuisine, I am glad to say that you are mistaken, for imaginatively prepared pure foods can be both complex and sublime.