Natural Healing Foods

by : jonsav

Did you ever wonder what the difference between good food and bad food can do for your out look on life? If not then you should. If yes then here is some information you might like to know.

Remember how moms always said eat your vegetables? Well she had a reason for it, and I assure you it wasn?t entirely because it was a waste of food if you didn?t.
Doctors and Scientists are finding out more and more through new advances in research and studies that food has a direct effect on our outlook on life. Food can make you happy or sad, can also help reduce your risk of heart disease, decrease the painful effects of arthritis, and help to improve your eye health.
Research has shown that there are chemicals in our fruits and vegetables that are called Phytochemicals, which are naturally occurring chemicals, in other words Healthy, good for your body, Chemicals.

You already know about Phytochemicals for the most popular is Antioxidants. We all know how great antioxidants are for our health, that they fight off oxidation and reduce our risk of most of our common ailments.
Did you know you could receive 100 different Phytochemicals in a single serving of fruits or vegetables? Do you know that the different colored fruits carry different amounts of Phytochemicals?

Beta Carotine, Lycopene, Cryptothanxin, Indoles, Anthocyanins, and Allicin. Do any of these words mean anything to you? If you said no then I am here to tell you they are all Phytochemicals.
Naturally occurring chemicals, which help to maintain a healthy body.
Did you know that Beta Carotine could help prevent Lung Cancer? Studies suggest that it most certainly does. How about that it can also fight against oral cancer, cancer of the stomach, and for the ladies cancer of the uterus and cervix.

Fiber is a great reducer of Blood Pressure. We all need to make sure to keep a low blood pressure for it keeps our heart healthy. Boron helps to ward off osteoporosis. Vitamin C fights Cancer and Cataracts.

With all of us living longer lives don?t you want to see your children and grandchildren, maybe even your great grandchildren grow up to be healthy adults? If you do make sure you are finding great sources of Vitamin C.
So you are feeling stressed and tired and just ready to go to bed? Don?t! How many times did you think, "Hey if I am tired and stressed why don?t I just go and run a mile or hit something.? ? You should have thought "Hey why don?t I sit down and have something to eat.?

Some foods such as fresh fish and nuts can help with depression and mental disorders. Happiness is just a walnut away.
You thought sunflower seeds were just to spit and chew didn?t you! Well guess again my friend. Sunflower seeds help you with a little friend called Vitamin E! Woohoo! lets hear it for this cancer fighting antioxidant! Vitamin E can reduce the risk of heart disease by 40%. Now that is something to get your pom-poms out of the attic and cheer about!

Ladies we need to be watching our intake of Triglycerides! Start eating more fresh fish with omega 3 fatty acids; this will help us reduce our hearts blood fat content! I want a healthy heart how about you?
Lowering your cholesterol is essential in maintaining good health. Eating a variety of nuts helps to reduce your cholesterol and risk of heart attacks. Just 2 little ounces of Walnuts five times a week, think of the sundaes you could have, helps reduce your cholesterol by 12 percent! That is a big drop for those who are "borderline? into high cholesterol.
For those of you who like to cook at home try replacing your vegetable oil with olive oil. Not only is it healthier but also it helps reduce your cholesterol.
Fiber is a good way to lower your diabetes, reduce obesity, heart disease, cancer and constipation. I don?t know about you but like they always say "An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.? Give me an apple!

Eating whole grains is a good way to keep that doctor away also. Whole grains contain a variety of phytochemicals. They clean your system and keep you healthy. Healthy is where we all want to be.