Healthy Appetizers And Snacks

by : teahupoo

One of the first steps to choosing healthy snacks and appetizers is to make a list before you go to the grocery store and stick to it. You don't have to stop eating all of the foods that you've been eating but you do need to learn to make better choices and try to eat more raw and organic foods. Even if you are not overweight, a raw food oriented diet will be healthier for you over the long run, so make a list and stay off of the cookie aisle!

First off, get out a garbage bag and clean out you kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator. Throw away all of those opened bags of fatty snack foods including the chips and microwavable food. You are going to change the way you look at appetizers and snacks and you have to get rid of the evidence of your old thinking.

Now that you have ridded your self of all the garbage food and made room for the good stuff, go to the store and buy fruits, vegetables, and nuts that you will be able to use to make fresh raw food appetizers and snacks. You can also buy some dried fruits for snacking as well, just stay away from the ones that have all the added sugars.

Invest in a good food processor and a juicer for making natural juices and chopping up fresh fruits and vegetables. Make sure you have made plenty of room in your fridge for all of the healthy raw vegetables you will be bringing home.

You can make a delicious and healthy appetizer tray with carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, squash, and olives. Put a container of fat free or low fat ranch in the center for dipping and no one will be upset about that kind of appetizer platter.

If you are the type of person that simply must have some kind of meat, try to stick with fish and choose sushi or fresh tuna that you can just sear real quick and dip in soy sauce. You want to stay as fat free as possible and stick with as many raw foods as you can.

Look at this as a lifestyle change and make it fun, buy some of the big square dishes that are made for sushi and pick up some chopsticks to really get into it. Arranging several different types of food on these plates is easier as well. Go online and read all you can about raw food eating and making sushi so that you will be educated on how to choose the right foods.