Some Of The Best Reasons You Should Make Your Own Gift Baskets

by : teahupoo

Gift giving is not just for holidays, since the reasons for them span throughout the year. There are birthday parties, graduation parties and housewarming parties. There are weddings, anniversaries and baby showers. These are just to name a few as there are many other categories for gift giving. With so many occasions and people to shop for, this can really put a crimp in your budget. Luckily, you can give gifts that please everyone and save you money by making gift baskets.

Why Should You Make a Gift Basket?

There are several good reasons for making a gift basket. One of them is that you can fit many small gifts into it. When the recipient opens it up, it's like a treasure chest full of presents, as opposed to just one large gift. Another thing that makes it special is that it's personalized for them and they will appreciate the time and thought put into making it. Then there's the cost saving factor. You can fill your gift basket with small, inexpensive gifts. Now you can give a unique present that will be greatly appreciated by the people that you give it to.

How do you make a Gift Basket?

It's easy to make a gift basket. Start by considering the type of basket that you want to use. They come in all shapes and sizes. Many craft stores have them and you can also find them online. Next, get some pretty wrapping paper or liner to place at the bottom.

Depending on the category of the gift, fill it with inexpensive items. For example, if it's for a coffee lover, include small packages of different flavored coffees and cookies or biscotti. Throw in some miniature chocolate bars to make it even more appetizing. If it's for a child, fill it with crayons, different colored pencils, a sketch pad and a coloring book. If it's for a man, consider what his hobby is.

If he likes to go fishing, include different types of lures, a new thermos and packages of snacks or energy bars. All you have to do is think of their favorite things or hobbies and your choices will be endless. Finish it up with a pretty ribbon or trim around it and your gift is ready.

More Cost Cutting Tips

Make a list of the people that you know you will be making gift baskets for and include their interests and hobbies. This way you can watch for sales on these items throughout the year. You should especially look for sales on baskets and if possible, buy them in bulk. This will save you money over time, and you will always have a basket available. The extra baskets will come in handy for last minute gift giving.

Making gift baskets is a fun, affordable and thoughtful way to show how much you care. The appreciation that you get from the person you give one to, makes it a gift of joy for both of you.