How To Prepare Satisfying And Enjoyable Food For A Bridal Shower

by : teahupoo

Preparing for a bridal shower is difficult in it of itself, but its creating a menu that can be most challenging. There are so many details to take into consideration. Not only do you have to consider the bride's preferences, but you also have to worry about your guests who might be allergic to certain types of food. There could also be vegetarians in your midst. These concerns, though, are usually overshadowed by the entertainment good food can provide.

Everyone loves Sunday brunches, right? A brunch theme will be casual, yet provide enough food for those looking for a full meal. Baked goods are a staple in any brunch, and you can't go wrong with different types of fruits as another side. If you're looking for a main dish, quiche is always well-liked. When it comes to drinks, coffee, tea, juice, and milk are ideal choices, but you could also provide champagne punch or Bloody Marys as more fancy alternatives. To top off your brunch with a dessert, it's a good plan to stick to fruity desserts, such as lemon squares or chocolate covered strawberries.

If your bridal shower is in the late afternoon or evening, you will want to keep your menu simple so that you can be a good host. Preparing a meal ahead of time, such as a casserole, is a good plan because the casserole can bake while you see to your guests. Lasagna is a popular option for this. Keep your side dishes basic too. Something like a salad is ideal in this situation, because like the casserole, it can be made in advance and be ready to serve.

Another alternative to a casserole would be grilled or smoked meat, as again you can prepare them in advance. This type of main course is for great presentation and provides you with the opportunity to individually serve your guests, so it's probably best to reserve it for more formal types of bridal showers.

It is also a good idea to provide vegetarian alternatives for those in your crowd who do not eat meat or animal products. The casserole and salad menu is an ideal choice in this case, and the Web is a great resource if you need to find vegetarian or vegan recipes for planning this sort of menu.

Cake is probably the most time-honored dessert when it comes to bridal showers. However, with more and more brides going against tradition, this might present a problem. A dessert buffet with several different choices, including cake, is a good solution to this dilemma. Or, you could serve the bride's favorite dessert in place of cake. But, if you feel cake is necessary, serve it with other alternatives such as spiced fruit pies. You could also serve only desserts as your shower theme. A fun option might be a chocolate fountain, if your desserts involve chocolate covered items like strawberries.

You can't go wrong with a large selection of hors d'oeuvres either. Provide a great deal of finger food, such as cheese, crackers, muffins, veggies, and dips for your guests to choose from. This setup is ideal if you do not have much space for a sit down type meal.

While making good food choices for a bridal shower may be difficult, it still provides the perfect wedding shower backdrop and setting for your guests.