Use your Love for Cooking to Benefit our Community

by : devorah

Use Your Love Of Cooking To Benefit Our Community

Here are some more ideas:

1.Cook a meal for a local homeless shelter.
2.Make cookies for a blood drive.
3.Make cookies or small treats for a nursing home.
4.Teach classes on ethnic or healthy cooking.
5.Write a small cookbook on healthy kid-friendly recipes.
6.Create bags of mixes in decorative bags for a fundraiser.
7.Organize a healthy food fair for a local scout group.
8.Host a tea for senior citizens.
9.Start an ethnic food club with people from the community.
10.Make lunches for needy children in the park in the summer when school lunches are not being served.
11.Make bags of goodnight snacks for children in a local shelter.
12.Organize a food co-op.
13.Organize a dinner co-op.
14.Offer a class on basic cooking techniques for pre-schoolers or teen moms.
15.Bake cookie lollipops and arrange in a bouquet as an appreciation gift.