Why Exercise Is Important To A Healthy Weight Loss Program

by : Medifast

You know that exercise is important for your health and to help you lose weight, but the truth of the matter is it's not always fun but you still need quick weight loss. It gives you major aches and pains, and it can be very embarrassing. If you believe the media, you think everybody who exercises loves it and has a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jane Fonda. In reality, exercise is not always fun and even people who do it regularly don't always love it. Then why subject yourself to the torture?

Because you want to look better and enjoy the health benefits. Believe it or not, even though exercise is not always fun, you usually feel great afterwards. As for the aches and pains, you may feel some muscular a joint discomfort when starting a fast weight loss exercise program. But if you do it correctly and keep it up, those aches and pains disappear after a few days.

Some health clubs cater to the "leotard set" and "muscle bound specimens, so it's best to avoid these clubs. There are other fitness or wellness centers, health clubs, and colleges, with a clientele of varying shapes, sizes and ages where you may feel more comfortable. If you walk in your neighborhood, you might be embarrassed by your size and feel that everyone driving by is looking at you. There are two ways you can deal with this. You can exercise where others won't see you or you can take the attitude that you're doing something positive for yourself and that people driving by are not. Eventually you'll be thinner and healthier, so do not let others bother you.

The best results are achieved from aerobic exercise. But what is aerobic exercise? Contrary to popular belied, aerobic exercise is a not just aerobic dance class. Aerobic means "with air" and it refers to activities that are of moderate intensity, can be kept up for long periods of time and use large muscle groups such as the legs and arms. Examples are walking, cycling, rowing, cross country skiing and jogging.

What are the specific benefits of aerobic exercise?

Here are the ones related to weight loss.

1) Exercise burns calories. Combined with a reduction in food calories, exercise will help you lose weight fast. This may also offset the decreased metabolism resulting from extended restriction. The calories burned can make up for the decrease in calories used.

2) Aerobic exercise burns fat as fuel. During the first 30 minutes of exercise, you use both stored carbohydrate (glycogen) and fat. After 30 minutes you burn mostly fat.

3) Exercise can increase your muscle mass and works well with fast weight loss programs. It can also protect muscle loss during strict dieting. Since muscle uses up more calories than fat, a large muscle mass means you can take in more calories without gaining weight.

4) Moderate exercise decreases your appetite, Studies show that light intensity exercise can increase you appetite, but several hours later you will be hungrier. On the other hand, moderate intensity exercises seem to affect your brain's appetite control center, decreasing you desire to eat.

5) The hormone produced by exercise can reduce stress and depression, both common causes of overeating.

The conclusion is that an Exercise program is very important to a healthy weight loss program. So keep that in mind and you will well be on your way to a healthier new you.