Weight Loss Plateaus - What To Do When They Happen.

by : pcorp2006

Anyone who has ever attempted to lose weight will have to admit that at one point in their weight loss attempt there was a moment when they seemed stuck, and it didn't look like they'd ever reach their goals. Weight loss plateaus are so common that they can fairly be called universal. If you're attempting to lose weight, you will hit a plateau, and you need to know how to overcome it. A plateau can mean the end of motivation for many a dieter, so don't let it be what stands in the way of your true goals of fitness.

Why exactly do almost all dieters have this problem of getting stuck? Because at some point, your body adjusts to whatever changes you've thrown at it, and you stop losing pounds. It's up to you to figure out how to get the fat burning back on track. Usually the plateau is the esult of some sort of insidious introduction of food into your daily routine. It might be as simple as extra soda you're drinking, or perhaps you grabbed an 88 cent supply of Everlasting Gobstoppers the last time you were at WalMart and have been idly munching. Whatever the specfic food is doesn't matter, per say, but what matters is that you identify and isolate this variable from your normal diet. Once you've identified it, you can eliminate it! Analyze, Identify, and Eliminate. Think of yourself as being as ruthless as a robot when it comes to this practice. Find out what's causing your weight loss effort to stall and then stop doing it! The quicker you can do this, the better off you'll be in the long run because motivation wains when you don't see results. Success is achieved by eliminating or avoiding all roadblocks that lead to failure.

The more weight you have to lose, the more you'll experience plateaus for the simple reason that losing the extra weight will take extra time. The more time involved, the more likely you are to experience some period of time where all results have stalled and your original goal is a scant memory. It is during these dark days where the mantra "Analyze, Identify, and
Eliminate" will come in handy and eventually you to the finish line. The final weight loss winner is the person who can quickly adjust to real life events as they unfold and keep their weight loss strategy fresh enough to remain effective. Boring is bad. If you eat a boring diet or follow a bland exercise routine, you body will not be fooled, and you will get "stuck" for a period of time.

If you've been keeping notes, finding the trouble spots will be even easier. The information will be right there in your own words. If your weight loss effort even reads boring to you, you know you're in trouble. When you identify a potential trouble spot, you can quickly come up with a proactive solution to get yourself back on track. If you do this ruthlessly and
relentlessly, your body will quickly and permanently lose weight. As you identify and change long standing habits, the weight falls off with ease and you'll begin to wonder why you were even apprehensive about in the first place. There are no real barriers to your weight loss. With proper effort, you will undoubtedly succeed at whatever you set your mind to.