Why Exercise Is Necessary While Dieting

by : westgroup

Many people start a diet and reduce their calorie intake thinking that will be enough for them to lose the weight they desire.

What they forget is that the body has an evolutionary response to this reduced calorie intake - the body assumes you are experiencing a famine and starts to pile on the fat in order to make you survive the famine. This is exactly why when you start reducing your food intake you suddenly find the weight stops shifting and you in fact get heavier.

In order to keep the weight shifting you have to engage in exercise.

Before you fall of your chair with visions of half killing yourself down the gym, don't panic.

You do not have to join a gym and turn into a fitness freak - all you need to do is engage in some mild exercise in order to keep the pounds shifting off you. You can, if you want join a gym, but it's not necessary.

Start to think about what sort of exercise you can easily fit in to your life. For example, what about walking to the corner shop instead of driving? You could take the stairs instead of the elevators, or park further away from work and walk the rest of the way.

Not only will this exercise help you to keep getting rid of weight, but it will also help you to get fitter and feel better about yourself, which is a wonderful side effect.

There are many other simple forms of exercise you could take.

Many gyms and community centers provide lunchtime or after work classes in Yoga, Aerobics and other forms of exercise. Joining those will help you socialize with people with similar goals to yourself and help you continue to get rid of weight.

Taking up walking at the weekends is another excellent form of exercise. Just taking a long walk a week exploring can be extremely enjoyable and help you to get fitter and lose weight. You could even join one of the many groups that ramble across the countryside and enjoy a social event at the same time! And then you won't even realize you are gaining some great health benefits at the same time.

I wonder what interesting ways of integrating exercise into your life you can find? Ways that you can enjoy and have fun with, without impacting the rest of your life. Aren't you curious to find out how you can shift that extra weight whilst having that much fun?